10 Dads Share The Best Father's Day Gift They've Ever Received

In my experience, Father's Day gifts run on the, well, stereotypical side and choices are limited. You can take your pick from a tie, a new shaving kit, a grill, or a television. If you're dad is easy to buy for, you can choose a movie, a video game, or something sports-related. But are these the kind of gifts the dad in your life really wants? I asked a few dads to share the best Father's Day gift they've ever received... just to help the rest of us out.

While I can't know for certain, I know one of the best gifts I ever gave my dad was something completely unexpected and something he continues to cherish. Ever since I was a little girl, he has drawn this same whimsical character on various surfaces (including every card he ever gave me). One year, I decided to sculpt the character out of some FIMO dough. I still remember the smile on his face when he saw my creation of, well, his creation.

This year, my father and I are too far apart for me to give him anything in person, so I’ll likely be sending something over via snail mail. Meanwhile, I'm still trying to figure out what I'll be giving my own partner (and father of my kiddo), but I have faith I'll come through in the end. Until then, I'll be perusing the following answers from dads who revealed the best gift they've ever received on their special day.

Stanley, 57

“I am the parent of two children (now 30 and 20). The best gift I ever received is one that is in limited supply — their time (and my wife’s time as well). I have for some time asked for experiences with them, rather than ‘stuff,’ and they have provided them.

Perhaps the best was when we hiked down from the top of a local ski mountain that opened its lifts on Father’s Day. I also recall visits to exhibitions at local museums that I wanted to see (artifacts from Pompeii), and other hiking trips. Spending the day with my family is always a great day.”

Chase, 28

“The best gift I ever got was a photo of me and my daughter printed on a canvas. It was incredible to have this beautiful memory up on my wall.”

John, 29

“This one [a banjo]. It's something I've wanted for years, and an incredible surprise. And it will be so memorable thanks to how it was presented and at what time; something I will — after loads of practice — be able to share with my family.”

Roland, 35

“I’ve only had one Father's Day so far, so fortunately I've only had a great gift... no bad ones yet. Best one is definitely Homey, which helps me to run our family in a smart way with home automation.”

Jake, 52

“My name is Jake and I am a father with two younger boys. The best Father's Day gift I have received from them was a Hook+Gaff Sportfisher Black watch. This watch is durable and sleek. I can wear it to work or out on the boat. I absolutely love it!”

Kyle, 37

“My 2016 gift (seen above). My kids were 5, 5, and 2 when I got the shirt that my wife made.”

Kenny, 40

Homemade cards. I’m always gone on Father’s Day for work, so it’s something I can carry with me.”

Francisco, 63

“Grilling and outdoors appliances and supplies, gag or funny gifts, and sports memorabilia.”

Roland, 34

“My favorite gift I look at every day before leaving for work. It's a frame with cut outs of lace in the shape of each of my daughters hands. Reminds me who to be strong for every day, in lieu of our circumstances.”

Alan, 33

“Last year I got a subscription to Loot Crate and I loved it! Every month when it was delivered, I would send my partner a picture of all the stuff he got. The shirts were my favorites. I loved it so much, I'm repeating the gift this year.”