What Baes Should Know About The Second Trimester

For me, the second trimester was, in fact, the best trimester. I found it’s when I had the most energy and the most mobility; two things that I kind of enjoy having. Still, that’s not to say it was easy. Pregnancy can be grueling at any stage, and each trimester brings it’s own ups and downs. On a personal note, I’m currently in the second trimester of my second pregnancy, so there are plenty of things a pregnant woman wants her partner to know about it in particular. Trust me.

I don’t mean the kinds of technical things he or she can learn about in a pregnancy book or from spending a few minutes online. I mean the things that involve feelings and side effects and the reality of living with another human inside of you. I want my partner to know because it’s a huge part of my life right now and, as a rule, I try to keep him apprised of my life. And, also because it’s just nice to feel supported when you are getting up to pee for the third time in ten minutes.

I suppose I should also mention that keeping him informed also means he’s more likely to understand why I’m crying over donuts or baby clothes or the weather, which is helpful for both of us. And also, that the following are true:

I’m Relieved To Not Be In The First Trimester Anymore…

I’m not a huge fan of the first trimester, except for the fact that it leads to the second and third trimesters, and eventually the birth of a baby. But the actual experience of it? The nausea and the fatigue and the ultra-sensitive gag reflex that is always on the verge of betraying me? Yeah, no. I’m thrilled to have left that all behind, save for the random relapses that still spring up now and again (but not regularly like before, thankfully).

...But Nervous About The Third Trimester

If my first pregnancy was any indicator, the third trimester will bring a whole new set of challenges that are ever-so-slightly more, um, cumbersome than what I’m currently dealing with in the second. I know my days of being able to sit comfortably without my belly bumping into my desk, or being able to tie my own shoes, are numbered.

The Kicks Haven’t Gotten Old Yet…

My partner and I agree that our second baby appears to be more active than our first was at this stage, although we have no scientific evidence to back this up aside from the fuzzy memories we have as excited parents-to-be. That said, even though we’re experiencing what I think is a higher volume of bumps and blips, the novelty has yet to wear off.

...So Please Continue to Be Excited When I Offer You Stomach-Touching Privileges

Or, at least pretend to be excited. I’ve had plenty of opportunities to grab his hand and offer him prime placement on my belly in order to enjoy the kicks, and he’s usually totally on board. However, we’ve still got months to go in this whole process, so I’m trying to prepare myself for the day when he’s like, “Um, not right now, I’m trying to change a diaper,” or “Not right now, I’m in the shower,” or "Not right now, I'm trying to drive us safely through a snowstorm."

Yes, Food Really Is That Important To Me Right Now

As in, I’m prioritizing food over everything else except my immediate family, my comfy sweats, and our WiFi connection. Everything else, including oxygen, shelter, and my DVD collection of Disney live action musicals from the early aughts, is negotiable.

No, I’m Not Exaggerating About The Number Of Times I Peed In The Last Fifteen Minutes

To each their own, of course, but my partner and I don’t typically offer up a ton of details about our bathroom routines. I mean, we’ve lived together for over 10 years now, so it’s not like there’s a ton of secrets left, but still we don’t, like, make it a point to discuss them over dinner.

Until now, since I like to share how pregnant I am by explaining how many trips I’m taking to the bathroom. Romance is not dead, guys. Not even a little bit.

I’m Not Used To My Growing Belly

I know it’s part of the process but, at the same time, it happened to fast that it’s hard to get used to. If we’re being completely honest, I will probably never be used to the belly. It’s surreal and strange and awkward and it’s always bumping into things.

This Would Probably Be A Good Time For Us To Go Out

Of course, the fact that we already have 2 year old complicates that a little bit, but it’s only going to get more complicated. Once the third trimester hits, I can’t promise I’ll really be up for dressing up or, you know, putting on shoes. If we’re looking even further out, the baby’s arrival is going to make it tough, too. So, not to be dramatic, but the next couple weeks are pretty much our last chance for a date night until our kids go to college.

I Still Appreciate All The Extra Help And Support

And by “help,” I don’t just mean how he’s doing more chores or cooking or picking up the food I’m craving without even being asked, although all of those are great. I mean how he’s literally moving furniture up stairs and installing cabinets and doing big picture things, too. It’s like he’s nesting by proximity, and I love him for it.

I’m Still Excited

Despite the complaints and the emotions and the hormones and the mood swings and the discomfort and the complaints (*cough*), I’m still so, so looking forward to meeting our baby together. I feel thankful that he's helped me get this far, and grateful (in advance) that I can count by him sticking by my side during the next steps, too.