Co-Sleeping Milestones You'll Reach In A Year

We don’t all start parenthood with a plan to co-sleep. Well, some do, but you’d be surprised at how many folks swore up and down they’d never do it, only to succumb to lack of sleep and a crying baby who won’t stop unless they’re in close proximity to their parents. Some of us go a step further and bring our littles into our beds. Whatever the case, there are certain co-sleeping milestones all families reach in that first year that you’ll remember for the rest of your life. Some are hilarious, while others are still too fresh to laugh at.

I always knew I would co-sleep to some extent. After our son came home from the hospital, he slept in a co-sleeping bassinet right by my side until he was around 6 months or so. Then we transferred him to his crib, which was also next to my bed. When he suddenly stopped sleeping through the night at around 10 months (because sleep regressions are the seventh circle of literal hell, you guys), I brought him into our bed. While I have no regrets about any of it, I can say that it could be a bit challenging at times.

My son finally sleeps in his own room (because he’s almost 3 and that’s how long it took for him to feel more independent), but I still have fond memories of all those special moments in our first year of co-sleeping.

When Your Baby Baby Finally Sleeps Through The Night

Like I said before, one reason many babies end up co-sleeping is because they continue to wake throughout the night. This can be seriously exhausting to all involved. But rest assured, when you give in to co-sleeping (and especially bed-sharing), you’ll finally get a good night’s sleep and it will be glorious.

When At Least One Parent Gives Up And Sleeps Somewhere Else

Sometimes even co-sleeping won’t stop a crying baby. So, if one (or both) parents have to be up early and out of the house, they might choose to leave the room altogether. My husband and I used to alternate sleeping in the guest bedroom for this very reason. #RelationshipGoals

When Your Baby Wakes Up Just As You’re Getting Some

Just because you co-sleep doesn’t mean you’re going to deny yourself some sexual gratification, right? If your kiddo is sleeping in the room, but maybe they’re in a crib a bit away from the bed, you might try to get it on in the dark. You’ll hope you’re quiet enough, but sometimes that squeaky bed will rouse your tot, who will inevitably cry at you in a very judgemental way.

When You Find Yourself Squished Up Against A Wall...

If you happen to be bed-sharing, as well as co-sleeping, you’ll soon find that no bed is big enough for a baby. They like to tumble around as they sleep. It’s, well, horrible.

So, one night (and probably many more nights to come), you’ll find you can’t move any closer to the wall unless you begin to dig a hole in it.

...Or Hanging On The Edge Of The Bed

My partner and I would switch between taking the wall side or the corner side of the bed, with our son always sleeping between us. I enjoyed the corner at times, because I could stretch my limbs out into the air a bit more. I could not, however, appreciate the days I was about to fall off the entire night.

When Your Kid Inevitably Falls Off The Bed (Or Crib)

Because your kiddos are roly poly little beings, there’s a good chance they'll fall off your bed if you’re bed-sharing. Conversely, an older baby in a crib might try climbing their way out to freedom. This goes double if all they want is to get into your bed.

When You All Pass Your Germs Around

While sleeping in separate rooms means less odds of passing an illness to one another, co-sleeping exacerbates these chances. Coughing and sneezing in close proximity is a guaranteed way of getting sick. Then again, do you really have the heart to send them to suffer alone in another room when they’re not feeling well? Yeah, hard pass.

When You Step Or Lay On A Toy

Because your baby is in your room, there’s less chance of keeping your worlds separate. That means rattles and blocks might magically appear underneath your feet, in your slippers, under your pillow, and between your sheets. Just try not to scream too loudly when it does, or you’ll wake the baby.

When You Wake Up With Feet In Your Face...

Baby feet are cute, there's no doubt ab out it. But do you really want to wake up with those teensy toes in your face every day?

...Or Worse, With A Butt In Your Face

Baby butts are also cute. They are not as cute when they’ve got dirty diapers on them, though. You know what else isn’t cute? When your baby decides to fart in your face (and believe me, it will happen).

When You Wake Up In A Wet Spot

This goes for the bed-sharers out there. Remember, before you had a baby, and wet spots were usually only indicative of sexy times or maybe a spilled drink? Now you’ll end up waking up to diaper leaks, but hopefully you had enough sense to buy a waterproof mattress protector. Right?

When You Wake Up Sweating...

If you’re sharing a room, you need to make sure everyone’s comfortable with the temperature. And by everyone, of course, I mean your baby.

If you keep them in warmer climates, then you might wake up searching for the air conditioner. This goes double if they sleep in your bed, since your baby’s body will emanate plenty of heat.

...Or You Use The Baby As A Heater

Conversely, only really cold nights you might just grab your baby and snuggle them for the warmth. You baby will, of course, love this.

When You Swear You'll Never Co-Sleep Again

You will. You’ll grumble it every night. You’ll shout it in the mornings. You’ll swear up and down. Then it’ll be time for bed, and you’ll do it all over again.