30 Baby Names That Start With "T" & Are Actually Unique


Deciding on a name for your little one is definitely no easy feat. It has to be just perfect, right? Fortunately, choosing baby names is one of the most exciting and fun to-dos on your list as you get ready to welcome your little one. In fact, trying to find a name is one of the first times you actually get to picture your baby as being a real part of your family. So to start, try choosing a letter and seeing if inspiration hits, like this list of baby names that start with T. You'll either get your list going or you'll just add to it.

Though it's obviously hard to pick a name for someone you haven't met, debating names with your partner or friends is such a great way to imagine your future child and what they will be like. Of course everyone tends to have very specific preferences when it comes to baby names. Some like simple, classic names, while others prefer something more unique or trendy. Your partner might be more interested in the meaning of the name, while you might put more emphasis on how the name sounds in conjunction with your last name.

There will likely be some back and forth between you and your partner, but most of the fun is just combing through name lists together — laughing at what seems silly to you and enjoying the daydreams that come as you begin to close in on your options.

1. Tessa


If you're a fan of This Is Us (who isn't?), you've definitely tossed around the name Tessa as an option. Not only is it cute and unique, but it's also a short form of the name Teresa, which means "countess" or "harvester," according to Baby Name Wizard.

2. Thomas

Sure, baby Thomas may not be the only Tommy in his class, but no one can deny the sweet simplicity of this name. According to Nameberry, the name is Aramaic and means "twin."

3. Tobias


Tobias is a name that's lost popularity over the years, but its majesty makes it a great choice. As noted by Nameberry, the name is of Hebrew and Greek origin and it means "God is good." I'm not sure what's cuter than a little baby Toby.

4. Theodosia

OK, not the most common name for a little girl, but it has got me smitten, for sure. The name means "given to God," according to Baby Center, and Thea is an adorable nickname. But, the best part? Little Theodosia will have her own song on the Hamilton soundtrack.

5. Taj


Taj is a strong and unisex name for your little babe. The name is of Sanskrit origin and means "crown," according to She Knows.

6. Tianna

Tianna is a simple and sweet of early Russian origin — the meaning is unknown, according to Oh Baby Names.

7. Taylor


This is a classic unisex name that doesn't seem to be slipping in popularity. According to Baby Name Wizard, the name means just what it sounds like it means — "cutter of cloth."

8. Tula

Tula is an awesome name choice because not only is it cute, it's cross-cultural. According to Nameberry, it has Hindi, Native American, Greek, and African origins.

9. Tag


According to She Knows, Tag is an Irish baby boy name that means "handsome." If you need see this name in play, watch the episodes of Friends with Rachel's beau, Tag. Anything in the name of research, right?

10. Taleb

Taleb is a stoic and unique name for a baby boy and it has a great meaning. It's of Arabic origin and means "seeker of knowledge," as noted by Behind The Name.

11. Teagan


Teagan used to be a popular name a couple of decades ago, and it's been recently gaining popularity once again. According to Nameberry, it's an Irish name meaning "little poet," which is really just as sweet as can be.

12. Tanner

Tanner is actually a surname of English and German origin, which, according to Baby Name Wizard, quite literally refers to people who tanned leather hides as a trade.

13. Tana


Tana is a sweet name for a baby girl, but its best quality is its meaning. It means "star or fire goddess," according to Baby Name Science, and is of Greek origin.

14. Terron

Terron means "Earthman" and is of English origin, as noted by She Knows. It's unique, yet still familiar-sounding, which makes for a great name.

15. Terra


If you're interested in the female form of Terron, here it is. Terra is of Latin origin, according to Nameberry, and means "earth." Perfect if you're planning on raising a little tree hugger, which, let's face it, we should all be doing.

16. Thaddeus

Thaddeus is a classic, vintage name for a little boy. Its roots are Aramaic, according to Nameberry, and the name is said to mean "gift of God."

17. Tille


The name Tille sounds sweet and dainty, but it's got a meaning to be reckoned with. According to She Knows, the name is of Teutonic origin and means "battle maiden."

18. Thompson

Thompson is another surname-turned-first name that's a classic choice for a little boy. It's of English origin, according to Nameberry.

19. Trace


Trace has been gaining popularity lately, and its strong yet gentle nature makes a great name for a little boy. As noted by She Knows, the name means "brave."

20. Travers

If you've got some francophile in you, you'll love this one. According to Baby Center, this French name means "of the crossroads," making it a noble and meaningful choice for a little boy.

21. Twain


Add this one to the surname-turned-first name list. Twain is an awesome and unique name for your sweet boy, particularly if you enjoy classic literature. According to Nameberry, it's of English origin.

22. Thandie

Thandie is a sweet and special name for a little girl — the name is South African and means "loving one," as noted by Nameberry.

23. Tucker


Tucker originated as an occupational name in Old England — it's associated with the preparation of cloth and clothing, according to Baby Name Wizard.

24. Tulsi

If you're looking for a fresh name for your baby girl, this one might be it. Tulsi means "holy basil" in Hindi, according to She Knows.

25. Trey

Trey originates from the Old French word "treis" and the Latin word "tres," both of which mean "three." Trey was a name typically given to the third son of a family, according to Oh Baby Names.

26. Tinley


According to Oh Baby Names, Tinley is a name that is so rare, there is very little information regarding its meaning and origin. That means if you're looking for a name no one else will have, this is it.

27. Tamir

Tamir is a name that has Arabic and Hebrew roots, as noted by Think Baby Names. The name means "tall, wealthy one."

28. Tara


According to Behind The Name, Tara has both Hindu and Irish roots. In Hindi, it means "star," and in Irish it means "where the kings met."

29. Travis

Travis used to be a lot more popular than it is now, which means it's only a matter of time before it regains popularity. Travis is of English origin and means "crossing," according to She Knows.

30. Tai


Tai is another unique and unisex name — it means "talented" in Thai and "great extreme" in Chinese, according to Parents.