9 Places To Have Some Awesome Quickie Sex

When was the last time you had sex? A few days ago? Weeks? Months? It’s not always easy to sneak in sexy time with your partner after you become a parent. Kids take up a lot of our time and energy, and many of our sexual impulses as well. However, if you’re in a committed, loving, and sexual relationship with someone, you’re probably looking for ways to squeeze in the deed whenever possible. As the mother of a toddler, I get that. That’s what I’m releasing my list of places in your home to have quickie sex in.

Some of these suggestions are best for folks who are simply looking to keep their sex lives a little hot. Others are especially good for those who are still co-sleeping (and especially for those who are still bed-sharing because I know how it is!) I can vouch for having tried most of these myself at some point (though to be fair, depending on the size of your home, some of these might require you to be a bit more flexible than others). They say variety is the spice of life though, right? Rest assure, you will not get bored in light of these helpful suggestions.

On The Kitchen Counter

This is always a fun one. A counter is a great and stable surface for all kinds of fun. Lean on it, bend your partner over on it, lift your partner up onto it. and, well, use your imagination.You get the idea.

Just make sure to give the counter a little wipe down before (and after).

In The Shower

Not the most unique option, sure, but certainly a valid one. Depending on your flexibility levels (and the size of your shower), this may or may not work out. Also, keep in mind that if you and your partner have a considerable height difference, it might complicate things (but you can always have different kinds of sex that don’t entail genital-to-genital contact).

On The Living Room Floor

Most folks have done it on the couch at least once, but don’t underestimate the power of getting carnal right on the floor. Something about being on the ground can release some hidden sexual energy. Plus, there’s no chance of falling over.

Inside The Laundry Room

If you happen to have a laundry room, use it for more than just washing socks. Get up on the washing machine, or maybe just up against it. Double-points if you turn the machine on for a bit of vibration.

On The Bedroom Floor

This one’s for the bed-sharers. If your little one is still, well, pretty teensy, this works well. Let them snooze away and get busy next to the bed. It’s even hotter while you do your best to stay quiet. Try to stay close to the edge of the bed so if your kiddo wakes, they won’t see you right away and you’ll have a chance to, ahem, cover up.

In A Walk-In Closet

This is kind of like the laundry room tactic. Except there’s probably more room to stretch in there. You can also get creative and hide behind some of the hanging clothes for a bit of kink (or use some clothing items for role play, like a tie to bind your partner?)

On A Private Balcony

If you’ve got a good balcony that’s fairly private (so no unsuspecting folks, and especially kids, don’t catch wind of you), this can be really fun. Doing it outside definitely inspires primordial urges so to speak. Plus even though you’ll be in an area out of sight, the thought of potentially getting caught can be a serious turn-on to some.

On The Toilet (Seat Down, Of Course)

Hear me out. So long as your bathroom is tidy and you both fit in well, the toilet seat acts as a very stable chair on which to do all sorts of sexy things. I’m not talking about golden showers or anything (but hey whatever floats your boat), but in general, and especially if you don’t have many other chairs at home, things can get interesting here.

In Front Of The Bathroom Mirror

If you’ve never watched yourself having sex, it is time to do so. I don’t care where you are on the body acceptance/self-love scale. Watching you and your partner get turned on and get it on can be really, really hot. And chances are your partner will enjoy seeing you from multiple angles as well.