Summer Refresh


10 New Books On Romper’s Summer Reading List

by Jilleen Barrett and Meaghan O'Connell

From feminist histories to boardwalk murder mysteries, we’ve got just the summer read for you.

Children have fun in backyard of house on warm summer day. Brothers and sister sitting on the grass ...

I Made My Kids Entertain Themselves This Summer & Actually It Kind Of Worked

by Megan Angelo

No camp. No screens. No problem?

Baby swimsuits, like this red rash guard with white flower print, that are new for the summer
Summer's Here

The Cutest Kids’ Swimwear Of The Season

by Katie McPherson

Plus shoes, hats, and beach day accessories.

Top-view of smoothies with watermelon garnishes

20 Ridiculously Refreshing Watermelon Recipes

by Ashley Ziegler

Cocktails, soups, snacks, and treats all made with watermelon.

Red, White and Blue lemonade or sangria. Patriotic drink cocktail with watermelon, blueberry and app...

15 Festive & Refreshing 4th of July Cocktails

by Grace Gallagher

Red, white, & booze.

Splish Splash

These 16 Swimsuits Make Nursing By The Water So Much Easier

by Jennifer Parris and Grace Gallagher

Even pumping is a breeze in these suits.

These recipes will help you use up all your leftover watermelon.

20 Recipes To Use Up All That Watermelon In Your Fridge

by Ashley Jones

How Moms Plan To Escape When The Pandemic Ends

by Claire Zulkey

What do our fantasies say about us? A lot.


If You're Tired Of Cooking, Try These Frozen Meals To Dump In Your Instant Pot

by Ellen Schmidt
Experts say you should ask directors these questions before signing your kids up for summer camp or ...

10 Questions To Ask Summer Camps & Classes Before Sending Your Kids

by Ashley Jones