Father’s Day

Cover Star

Kevin Hart On The (Adorably) Terrible Gifts His Kids Have Given Him

by Romper Staff

“They made me a mask. It was out of a bra, which was weird.”


12 Cool, Colorful, & Comfy Sweaters For Men

by Grace Gallagher

Dad never looked so good.

Pandemic Parenting

The Dads Are (Also) Not All Right

by Jo Piazza

Parenting was never supposed to be like this.

A Birth Story

Fear And Missing Out: I Became A Dad During COVID

by Nick Mordowanec

The pandemic kept me out of the doctor’s office — even when things got scary.


My Dream Was Always To Be A Stay-At-Home Dad

by Tan France and Jennifer Berney

I live a very exciting life, but I’ve never been more excited about anything than I am to meet my baby.


Am I A Dad Yet? Do I Even Want To Be?

by Andrew Rich

I am who I say I am. A (complicated, non-binary) dad (and baba).


A Divorced Dad's Co-Parenting Survival Guide

by Dave Schilling

You just have to be willing to take the blame.


The Sweetest Things Dwayne ‘The Rock’ Johnson Has Said About Being A Dad

by Alexia McKay

The Rock is a proud #GirlDad to 19-year-old Simone, 5-year-old Jasmine, and 3-year-old Tiana.


The Natural Mother Of The Child Is A Memoir Of Nonbinary Parenthood

by Zan Romanoff

“If I were to elevator pitch the book It's about how I, as a dude, had a baby.”

Father's Day

These 21 Father's Day Crafts Will Make Dad Feel Extra Special

by Lindsay E. Mack

Show off your crafty side this Father's Day.


These Books About Dad Are Perfect For Father's Day Storytime

by Ashley Ziegler

Bad jokes, adventures, and big hugs await.


16 Delicious Father’s Day Recipes

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The best gift is a restaurant-worthy meal.