Who Needs A Costume When These 10 Ugly Halloween Sweaters Exist?

I'm not going to lie — I love a solid made-at-home Halloween costume. Perhaps, it's a call back to my youth, when my parents subbed creativity for splurging on something fancy or maybe it's just because I have fun getting innovative with my little one's costumes. But that's not to say that when I heard about the new ugly Halloween sweaters of 2019, I wasn't like, "Wait — this is a thing?" And, of course, my next thought: How do I get my hands on one?

This Halloween ugly sweater collection includes looks from your favorite 1980s slasher films — I'm talking Nightmare On Elm Street and Friday the 13th — plus your more classic black cat and jack-o'-lantern options. You could pretty much wear a sweater for every day of the month in October.

And while you're on Halloween Costumes' site, you might also want to check out their wide variety of costumes for both adults and kids. There are even costumes for your pets, including a Wonder Woman getup ($17) and Marty McFly "Back to the Future" costume ($35) that are basically life.

Of course, if Halloween sweaters are the name of your trick-or-treating game, then these options won't disappoint. In fact, the hardest part will be choosing your favorite.


Sugar Skulls

This colorful ugly sweater packs a Dia de los Muertos (aka Mexico's Day of the Dead) vibe that is perfect for the holiday, which lands on the same day as Halloween this year.


Ouija Board

Sign up to be notified when this spirit board getup hits the ugly sweater stock on Sept. 18. Not only is it perfectly hideous, but it will have you reliving your teenage days in the basement with your beloved Ouija Board.



Slip into this sweater and you'll be chanting "Beetlejuice, Beetlejuice, Beetlejuice!" faster than Lydia Deetz — played by Winona Ryder — did in the popular 1988 film.



Couldn't get enough of Gary Fry's horror fiction The Rage of Cthulhu? This is the sweater for you.


Ghoulish Ghosts

Want a look that's unsightly, but understated? Opt for this ghoulish ugly sweater that features a muted gray ghost pattern.


Nightmare On Elm Street

If Freddy Krueger and his extremely long nails were the stuff of your childhood nightmares, then you may want to don this blast from the past for your upcoming Halloween festivities.


Kids' Nightmare On Elm Street

And if you decide to go the Freddy route, then perhaps you'll want to get your little one in on the fun. Snag this striped Freddy Krueger ugly sweater and pair it with the mask ($20) and fedora ($13) to round out the look.


Camp Crystal

Speaking of 1980s horror films, this soon-to-be-released (it hits the Halloween Costumes site on Sept. 18) ugly sweater featuring Jason Voorhees from the "Friday the 13th" is worth waiting for.



You really can't go wrong with this classic Dracula ugly sweater, am I right? The back of the sweater features a spooky pattern of bats and coffins.


Skulls, Skulls, Skulls

Classically hideous in all the right ways, this skull ugly sweater is a perfect Halloween option for the whole family.