12 Moms Share The First Time They Lied To Their Kids

As much as I want to be honest and open with my kid, there are times when a little fib is just necessary. Thankfully, I'm not alone when I tell a little white lie. In fact, I asked 12 moms to reveal the first time they actually lied to their kids and realized there are more than a few motivations behind a parent being a less than truthful.

Sometimes us moms lie to our kids to keep them safe. For example, my son loves to play with his father's work tools and, obviously, that's not a good idea. So, to keep him away from harm without enduring a tantrum, I tell him his dad left his tools in the car or at work. Other times, parents lie to their kids to keep them healthy. You know, like when I say broccoli will give my son strong muscles. We lie to our kids to make them laugh, like when I tell my little one a dinosaur ate his snack or fairies were playing with his toys. And then, of course, there are the lies we tell our children to avoid a horrendous meltdown. Tantrums are the worst, so if you need to tell a small untruth to get your kid into their shoes and out the door, I say go right on ahead.

Whether you have lied to your child to simply inject a little magic and fantasy into their day, or because you needed five minutes of peace to yourself, know that you are not alone. In fact, I think most parents can remember the first time they lied to their kids. At least, these moms can:


"[My son] was 3 years old and I told him that you were only allowed to trick or treat five houses maximum. It was a well-intentioned lie!"


"My daughter got obsessed with this really annoying kid's song, so I told her the CD player was broken because I couldn't stand it any longer."


"We were on the way to the dentist. I am almost phobic about dentists, but when [my daughter] asked if going to the dentist was scary I said, 'No.' I didn't want to pass my fears onto her."


"I always sneak chocolate because I don't want to share my fancy European treats with my kids. If they catch me with a mouthful I lie and say it's vitamins."


"The very first time I remember lying to my kid was when he was a toddler. [My son] was having a huge tantrum in the grocery store and I told him they were giving out free candy at the exit. You have never seen a kid snap out of a meltdown that quick before!"


"I am not sure if it was the first time, but I often told my children that vegetables gave them magic powers. It was just for fun."


"I often say the neighbors have complained when my kids are too loud. Somehow strangers get them to behave better than if I complained!"


"My kid asked if the shot at the doctors was going to hurt, I said, 'No.' I am not sure if it was the right thing to do or not."


"Oh gosh, I lie all the time! Sometimes I say I am having a poop but really I am just in the bathroom checking my phone."


"The first time I lied to my child was when I said my milk had run out. I was done with breastfeeding and this seemed like the easiest response."


"My daughter is obsessed with fairies. I made a little fairy garden in our backyard and made it look like fairies had been there. I even put cake crumbs on the little table. It was magical, but a big fat lie!"


"My brother spent a short amount of time in jail. I told my kids he was on vacation. That was the first and last time I ever lied to them."