Khloé Disabled The Comment Section On Photos With Tristan & Honestly, It Makes Total Sense

Fans of Khloé Kardashian and all of her sisters are a certain kind of amazing. They really root for the celebs and take no prisoners when someone else comes for them. But everything in the world is better in moderation, which is likely why Khloé Kardashian disabled comments on Instagram posts that include her boyfriend Tristan Thompson.

Just to back up a minute, days before Khloé was due to give birth to her first daughter, two separate videos were published online that purported to show Thompson allegedly with other women who were not Khloé. One was on the Daily Mail and the other was allegedly a video from October that TMZ had been holding onto. Kardashian and Thompson's representatives did not immediately return Romper's request for comment and the family hasn't outright confirmed or denied the rumors. (Although Kim Kardashian did call Khloe's situation "sad" and alluded to some trouble in paradise between her and the Cleveland Cavaliers player during an appearance on The Ellen DeGeneres Show this week.)

When the rumors first broke, fans flooded her and Thompson's Instagram page to leave various comments about his alleged behavior, whether it was to show support for their girl or trash her boyfriend. People really dug in. But people really dig into everything the Kardashian family does, for better or worse, and they usually let loose in the Instagram comments. But Khloé seems to have had enough.

It's not clear why exactly she did it, but it looks like on every picture that includes her and Thompson, she's taken advantage of the "disable" comments' feature on Instagram. Pics that only feature her, however, have been left open for people to comment on. This could all change in the near future, so I took some screenshots just in case.

Look, Here's A Pic With Tristan

...With No Comments At All


And One Without Him, With All The Comments

Since she hasn't made any public comment, there's no need to speculate what this means for her and Thompson's relationship. If the rumors are true, the new mom has a lot going on right now and is probably still working things out. (Even if they aren't true, the media attention alone has to be stressful. Sorry, Khloé.) It's not like she's deleting all of her and Thompson's relationship on the 'Gram.

But fans and haters were likely drawn to the pictures of her and Thompson looking *so in love* in the days and months leading up to their daughter True's birth, and she probably got sick of people bringing it up. For every comment of support and love, there were three more blaming Khloé for his alleged infidelity or saying something awful about how he allegedly cheated on his previous girlfriend with whom he has a son.

In the name of self care, disabling a place where total strangers feel like they can share their opinion about her life seems like it was the right thing to do. I get it. Her family is famous because they have a reality show and share some of the most private details of their lives on social media. So people feel like they have a connection to the family. But, really, we do not. (I know, I wish we got an invite to a backyard party now and again, too.)

Khloé and Thompson are two human beings just doing the best they can. Having a newborn and alleged relationship problems is hard enough without what can probably feel like the entire world blowing up your Instagram posts. Imagine if your boyfriend was unfaithful to you, you had a newborn, and strangers showed up every 35 seconds to call him a jerk or tell you that you "deserved it," or something equally as rude. You'd probably get off of Instagram altogether.

Khloé can't do that (or if she did, there'd be even more media attention), so shutting people up by disabling comments is her only way out at the moment. Good for her.

In the meantime, people can tell Thompson what they think of him on his social platforms or when he makes public appearances, as they've been doing. It may not be nice, but Khloé certainly shouldn't have to take a load of you-know-what for something he allegedly did. She has diapers to change and a newborn to snuggle.

This is why Khloé has always had a little place in my heart — she does tend to take care of her own business in the most boss ways. When she's ready to share with the world what's really going on, Khloé will. For now, it must feel good, as a Kardashian, to turn the world off sometimes.

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