OMG, This Unicorn Sings Karaoke, Likes Getting Makeovers, & Offers Lucky "Fortunes"

If your child can’t get enough of unicorns (in case you missed it, they’re hot right now), it may be time to invest in Myla The Magical Unicorn™, a majestic creature who actually enjoys getting her makeup done by your kid. Perfect for every magic-loving child (ages 4 and up), Myla comes with an amazing magic wand that can be tapped on the accompanying butterfly-shaped smart color palette, then touched to Myla’s horn, eyes, or wings to make her features light up in the same color. You can mix-and-match too, because sometimes it’s just fun to have a hot pink horn and blue wings.

This toy is a far cry from the slightly terrifying life-size Barbie heads I practiced my makeup and hair cutting skills on as a child (they all ended up with bowl cuts and that was the end of my cosmetology career).

The sweet unicorn friend also comes with five hair clips and a comb for tresses that can be braided or styled. Her mane is made of plush strands, so they're nearly impossible to permanently knot. This also means you won’t need to spend precious time using leave-in conditioner and a mini brush trying to unknot a doll’s hair (though the tail may tangle, so don't throw away that doll brush just yet). The clips stay in place in real hair, too, in case your child decides they want to match Myla. And you know what perfectly complements a unicorn's horn? A crown. That's right, Myla comes with one of those for days where she just needs to get her regal on. (Every day.)

You may think all this magnificent beast cares about is primping, but she’s also a great singer and she comes equipped with a pink and silver microphone. Myla and your child can rock a duet together which, if you've done karaoke, you know is the epitome of fun. The shyer performers out there can hold the microphone to Myla's mouth and she’ll sing along, but it's nice to go solo sometimes (just ask Sting, Phil Collins, or Beyoncé), and if you move the mic away from Myla, she’ll stop singing (but will continue to play background music so your little rockstar can take the stage alone).

The unicorn is a bit of a fortune teller, too, and when touched on her back she’ll tell your kiddo what their “lucky color” of the day is (which may lead to quite a few all purple outfits, but that's OK, worse things have def happened).

No assembly is required, which makes me feel instantly relieved. Myla does come with batteries, but they're mostly for demo purposes (the toy is packaged in an open-faced box so kids can try out some of her features in-store). The four AA and two AAA batteries will need to be replaced shortly after purchase, so if you’re giving this as a gift, remember the batteries please. The remotes, calculators, and alarm clocks are already battery-less, and only the smoke detector remains.

Though Myla looks substantial, she’s just under 3 pounds, making her easy to carry around, which is good, because she’ll be going everywhere your child goes. Fair warning, I have a feeling Myla will be a holiday hit, so you may want to buy one while you can.