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41 Baby Names Inspired by Colors

From Ash to Violet.

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Trying to choose a baby name you won’t regret feels like a daunting task, one that can have you feeling pulled every direction trying to find something you really love. Should we pick a name passed down from family, or opt for something more modern and unique? Something with a special meaning or related to a hobby or book you love? Color baby names are a category worth considering. Opting for a name inspired by a strong, confident color like red, or a calming, wistful blue might just be the move. Looking for a name that doesn’t scream masculine or feminine? There are unisex names inspired by colors that aren’t too boyish or girly. Or, you can lean into boy or girl names for even more choices.

Color names for boys

  • Brick: One of many baby names that mean red, Brick is a strong-sounding name that references one specific shade of the color.
  • Bruno: Older kids obsessed with Encanto will really love naming their baby sibling Bruno. The name has Brazilian origins and means “brown.”
  • Flynn: An Irish name meaning “descendant of the red-haired one,” this name isn’t super obvious about being a color name, but still nods to your baby’s unique hair color.
  • Forest: An earthy name that calls to mind images of deep green towering trees, tumbling mist, and moss-covered trunks.
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  • Gray: A straight-up color name inspired by an in-between shade.
  • Jett: If you like all black everything, you’ll like this edgy cool name, inspired by “jet black.” It doubles as a music baby name, if you’re into that.
  • Onyx: Another name inspired by black, onyx is a dark-tone stone with properties promoting strength and vigor.
  • Orrin: This is the Anglicized version of the Celtic name Odhran, which means “green.”
  • Red: Like Gray, there’s no questioning that Red is a color-inspired baby name.
  • Rusty: On the subtler color side there’s Rusty — still a shade of red, but also with strong Western vibes.
  • Slate: A shade of gray, Slate is a very sleek, almost too-cool name. It’s not for the faint of heart, but super unique if you’re into it.
  • Sterling: Like the silver. It’s a name from medieval times and means “little star” (love celestial baby names right now, what with how popular Luna is lately).
  • Tanner: Tanner is an occupational name — it’s an English surname that was once given to signify someone’s profession (in this case, a leather worker). Of course, it brings to mind the color tan, too.

Color names for girls

  • Amber: A warm, golden name inspired by the prehistoric gemstones. It was majorly popular in the ‘80s and ‘90s and has tapered off since, but if you love it, we say go for it.
  • Azure: Want a baby name that means blue? Azure is a French name that means “sky blue.”
  • Chloris: This Greek name means “green” or “pale green.” It’s a derivative of Khloros, the Greek goddess of vegetation who inhabited the Elysian Fields, a lush section of the afterlife reserved for heroes.
  • Coral: A living, sea-dwelling thing and a color, Coral is great for parents who love the ocean and want their baby to feel bright and bold.
  • Ebony: With ties to the black keys on a piano and the dark wood of an Egyptian tree, Ebony is a gorgeous baby name inspired by color.
  • Fawn: Fawn is a yellowish tan color, not unlike the coat of the baby deer of the same name. It’s a gorgeous girl’s name for parents who also love Faye or Dawn.
  • Goldie: The ‘70s baby name vibes here are perfection. Whether you want to reference the famous Goldie Hawn or the metallic glimmer of real gold, Goldie is an adorable little girl’s name.
  • Hazel: This name is typically about an eye color, but that counts, right? This name is majorly gaining in popularity, but something about it still feels unique.
  • Heather: Looking for a botanical, earthy girl name? Heather, like the purple flower, is due for a comeback.
  • Indigo: With an adorable nickname like Indi built in, how could you not choose this deep blue shade as your baby’s name?
  • Lavender: Whether you love the pale purple hue in any form, or specifically because of its soothing, calming properties as an herb, this flower girl name has a special, dreamy quality.
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  • Lilac: Lilac flowers are known for their gorgeous purple petals. If you like Lavender and Heather but they’re not quite right, maybe Lilac will do the trick.
  • Olive: A beautiful shade of green, why not opt for Olive over the immensely popular Olivia?
  • Pearl: A sheen-y white shade, just like the pearl of an oyster, of course. It’s a timeless baby name that will never go out of style.
  • Ruby: Another moniker inspired by precious gems, Ruby immediately calls forth a mental image of deep red.
  • Sable: Sable refers to a dark brownish black color, making this color name a stunning option for a babe with dark tresses.
  • Sapphire: Just like Ruby, the name Sapphire refers to the dark blue shade of the gemstone.
  • Scarlet: A deep shade of red, Scarlet is a romantic, literary baby name you can spell so many ways.
  • Sienna: Sienna is a reddish clay color, and a beautiful baby girl name, too. It comes from the Italian town Siena, known for its clay.
  • Violet: Another purple-hued flower name, inspired by beautiful blooms.

Unisex color names

  • Alba: Alba is a unisex name meaning “white” or “dawn.”
  • Ash: It could be short for Ashton or Ashley, but it’s an uber-cool one-syllable name on its own.
  • Blue: If it’s cool enough for Beyoncé...
  • Carmine: Similar in sound to Carmen, this name has a few different meanings: “song” from its Latin roots, and “purplish red” or “crimson” from its Aramaic ties.
  • Cyan: Cyan is a bold greenish blue, and the name itself has strong sounds. It would work equally well for a bold boy or go-getter girl.
  • Hunter: A deep shade of green, Hunter is a strong name that is being adopted for girls more and more these days.
  • Kelly: Kelly means “warrior” and “bright-headed,” while also referencing the bright hue of kelly green.
  • Sage: One last green name — Sage is a botanical name that also means “wise.”

Whatever name you choose for the new ray of light in your life, you’re sure to love it your whole life and theirs. Why? Because it’s theirs, of course.

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