Mother's Day

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13 Creative & Cute Mother’s Day Baby Announcement Ideas

It’s really the sweetest day to share this news.

As far as Mother’s Day gifts go, cards, flowers, and jewelry are pretty standard. But when you are expecting the greatest gift of all (hint, hint: a baby), and you want to break the news to your friends and family so that you can all celebrate together, how sweet to let everyone know on Mother’s Day. From meaningful gifts to give grandma to creative social media posts, there are plenty of cute Mother's Day baby announcement ideas to take advantage of on the holiday.

Mother’s Day is definitely an opportunity to share the news of impending motherhood with a pregnancy announcement, but it’s also a chance for moms to show off their newest addition with a baby birth announcement. After all, it’s a day meant for celebrating the women who create life, raise the next generation, and support their kids for an entire lifetime — all of the things you’ll soon be doing. (You’ll also be sleeping a lot less and changing thousands of diapers. Congratulations!)

Even if you’re already a mom, stepmom, or serve in another mother-like role to someone, announcing your baby’s birth on Mother’s Day is no less an opportunity to spread the word about your newest babe. Whether you choose to include your pets, buy the perfect first onesie, or share a photo of your entire family, these Mother’s Day baby announcement ideas are sure to give your friends and family all the feels.


Post a series of photos documenting your pregnancy journey

If the idea of including a stick that you had to pee on in your baby’s birth announcement grosses you out, you can skip this one. But if that stick represents one of the absolute best moments of your life (and you can get past the pee part) it can totally be a part of a Mother’s Day baby announcement that documents your motherhood journey. Take a page from Charlotte Miles’ Instagram post that includes images of her pregnancy test, ultrasound photo, belly bump, and newborn in succession to celebrate baby’s arrival. Use a simple caption like “Happy Mother’s Day To Us” to spread this joyous news on the holiday.


Share a sweet sibling photograph

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One sweet way to create a Mother’s Day baby announcement to use on social media is to include older siblings in your post. Your photos don’t have to be professional to be adorable, either. A simple snapshot with a cute caption about siblings is all you need. If you need some inspiration, try these ideas on for size:

  • And so the adventure begins...
  • Two peas in a pod.
  • Formally introducing baby sister to the world.

A post like this one is seriously the cutest way to celebrate both the child who made you a mom and the arrival of your newest bundle of joy on Mother’s Day.


Order a Mother’s Day onesie

Using a custom onesie to announce your baby’s arrival may seem like a pretty common way to share the news, a holiday like Mother’s Day can take this type of reveal to a whole new level. This onesie from Little Bugz Collection on Etsy says “I’m Your Mother’s Day Gift,” across the chest with “Daddy says you’re welcome,” underneath. It is available in white or black and the wording and text color can be customized to your liking.

Can you just imagine your newborn wearing a fun onesie like this one to your family’s Mother’s Day gathering? You can also snap a photo of them wearing this and use it as a Mother’s Day photo announcement on social media.


Share a cute, non-baby photo

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If you want to announce baby news on Mother’s Day without including a photo of your newborn (Sometimes you just want some privacy, right?) one fun idea is to casually post a photo of just your Mother’s Day gift on social media. On a photo of a gift box or a bouquet of flowers, use a caption like “Happy Mother’s Day to me!” or “Celebrating Mother’s Day with this awesome gift from our new addition!” A bouquet of just three flowers is a clever way to telegraph the message that your baby has arrived.

This is an especially subtle way to share the news with friends and family on a platform like Instagram and Facebook without using anything overtly baby-related. Scrolling by your post at first glance, it’ll just look like you’re sharing a photo of a new necklace or some flowers, or even a gift to your own mom, but eventually the meaning will dawn on your friends and family. Then, you can just sit back and watch as the congratulatory comments start rolling in.


Share a rainbow-themed baby announcement (for your rainbow baby)

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Announcing a new baby’s arrival after a prior loss can be tough to do, but if you embrace the idea of rainbow babies, including a rainbow somewhere in your social media post can be an especially touching acknowledgement. If you’re ready to celebrate the announcement of your rainbow baby on Mother’s Day, perhaps the inclusion of a rainbow backdrop or a rainbow onesie for your newborn can be a subtle and sweet way to welcome a baby while also remembering a loss this Mother’s Day. Rainbow baby toys, a rainbow blanket, or even a painting of a rainbow are also some creative ways to include a rainbow in your Mother’s Day baby announcement.


Order custom mommy-and-me Mother’s Day shirts

If you’re looking for a cute Mother’s Day baby announcement idea that can also double as your outfit for Mother’s Day brunch with family and friends, look no further. From CuTees Custom Shirts on Etsy, you can order a tee for yourself and a matching onesie for your newborn that reads “Our First Mother’s Day Together.” It has an adorable design with a baby bottle clinking a wine glass, which is just such a cute way to signify your excitement about celebrating this holiday together for the very first time. The shirt and onesie both come in more than 20 colors, so pick your favorite and twin with your little one this Mother’s Day. Don’t forget to snap a pic so that you can share the news with the rest of the world, too.


Subtly mention the baby’s name in your Mother’s Day post

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Looking for a super simple way to announce that you’ve had a baby on Mother’s Day? If you’re making a social media post to celebrate the holiday, you can slip your new baby’s name into the text of your post. This works especially well if you already have an older kid or kids. You can post something like “Having the happiest Mother’s Day today. Thank you to Ben, Abby, and Baby Lily for making me a mom!”

Even if you’ve just had your first child, you can still use this idea to make your announcement on Mother’s Day by saying something along the lines of “Celebrating Mother’s Day today thanks to Baby Jamal!” This tactic works great accompanied by a snapshot of your family to share the news.


Make a special gift for the grandparents

One of the most popular ways to announce a pregnancy is with a photo of your baby’s ultrasound. It’s super identifiable right off the bat as an announcement that you have a little bundle of joy on the way. To give this common idea a Mother’s Day twist after your baby is born, consider gifting your own mom or your partner’s mom a custom frame with a photo of your newborn instead of an ultrasound photo.

This photo frame from Etsy seller Woobies Corner reads, “Only the best moms get promoted to grandma.” It’s a really sweet way to let your mom know she’s earned a new title.


Share a photo of your baby and pet meeting for the first time

If you’re typically the type of person to celebrate being a dog or cat mom on Mother’s Day, including your beloved pet in your baby announcement can be on-theme and fun way to share the big news. After all, they’re your first baby, so it makes total sense that you would want to have them involved in a Mother’s Day (human) baby announcement. There are a ton of photos on Instagram of dogs meeting babies for the first time, but a post shared from your pet’s perspective like this one from @louie_chung that’s captioned “Mom and dad brought this new human home, and I’m still trying to figure it all out,” is an especially adorable way to make a baby announcement on Mother’s Day.


Share a photo of baby booties

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As your friends and family scroll by countless images of everyone and their mother (quite literally) celebrating Mother’s Day, a photo of some tiny baby shoes thrown in the mix will definitely make them stop mid-scroll to celebrate your special baby announcement. Not everyone wants to share pictures of their baby all over social media, so this is one way to share your news without any images of your baby being shared online.

There are a ton of ways to style photographs with baby shoes, so don’t be afraid to get creative! To let everyone in on what you’re trying to announce, you can use a caption like “Our little one arrived just in time for Mother’s Day!” This is a popular photo idea for a pregnancy reveal, but the fact that you’re posting it for Mother’s Day can help your announcement stand out from the crowd and make your baby news all the more exciting.


Use a chalkboard sign

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Another adorable way to make a Mother’s Day baby announcement is to use a chalkboard sign. You can take a photo of just the sign, include your baby in the photo, or have older siblings join in as well.

If you’ve just had your third child, for example, you can number three chalkboards from one to three with your oldest holding the “1” sign, your second-born holding the “2” sign, and the “3” sign propped up next to your baby. Alternatively, you could write a message like “Happy Mother’s Day” on a chalkboard to hold up in a family photo as a Mother’s Day baby announcement. Not only does this type of announcement let the world in on your exciting news, but it also celebrates the bond you’ve created with your older kids in honor of Mother’s Day.


Share a closeup of Baby and Mommy holding hands

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Part of what makes Mother’s Day so special is the opportunity to spend an entire day celebrating connections between moms and their children. To honor the bond that you’ve created with your newest arrival while they’ve spent months inside the womb, you can share a sweet snapshot of your own hand and your newborn’s hand as a Mother’s Day baby announcement. This approach also works with tiny baby feet and is a great option for parents who aren’t keen on sharing full-faced photos of their children online. Plus, a photo like this makes a great keepsake that can be cherished for years to come.


Send a traditional card in the mail

Sending physical birth announcements through the mail has gone a bit by the wayside since so many now choose to share their news via social media. However, if you want to share the news about your newest addition in a more traditional way, consider sending a printed photo birth announcement like this one from Shutterfly to your friends and family as a Mother’s Day baby announcement. Especially for grandmothers, aunts, and other mom-figures who don’t live nearby, opening a piece of mail to see your new baby’s smiling face looking back at them can be an especially touching way to celebrate this Mother’s Day.

On a day to celebrate all that moms do and mean to a family, making a baby announcement on Mother’s Day is a beautiful and appropriate way to share your happy news, however you do it.