12 Things Every Grown-Ass Man Does When His Pregnant Partner Is In Her 3rd Trimester

Being pregnant is no walk in the park. You might spend your first trimester doubled over a toilet. You might spend your second trimester with crippling anxiety or depression. You might spend your third trimester swatting away folks who want to touch your belly. Or your pregnancy might be one of those fluke easy ones. Regardless, by the time you’re in your third trimester, you’ll probably need more help than usual. Cue our list of things guys should do for their pregnant partners in their third trimester.

I'd argue it's pretty obvious and easy for any involved partner to know what to do during the first two trimesters. In the first trimester, dad should be helping his partner through their morning sickness. He should be understanding of mood fluctuations (because these are legit and difficult for the pregnant mama to deal with) and he should realize that his pregnant partner's energy is basically non-existent. In the second trimester, he should, among other things, be supporting his partner when they decide to announce the pregnancy (if they haven't already), and enjoying those brand new baby kicks.

The final trimester, however, can be a little tricky. Both partners tend to have a "been there, done that" attitude towards the pregnancy in general, because it's been a few months. Focus tends to shift towards the baby and his or her arrival, so it can be somewhat easy to forget that the pregnant person still needs supports. So, if you’re looking for advice on what you should be doing at the end of the long marathon that is pregnancy, we’ve got you covered. Pick a few, or do them all; we guarantee your partner will appreciate it.

He Gives Foot Rubs, Foot Rubs, And More Foot Rubs

Who doesn’t love a good foot rub? Rest assured, pregnant persons are probably among the ones who enjoy it the most. Give your sweetie a nice foot massage even when they haven’t asked. You will be a king among kings, every time.

He Handles All The Grocery Shopping...

When you're pregnant it's hard to remember to get all the grocery shopping done, and maneuvering around the aisles with a giant belly can be quite the hassle. Do your partner a solid and pick up the necessities, and whatever else, before coming home at night. They will certainly appreciate it. Bonus points for picking up some flowers or other goodies they might enjoy.

...And All The Laundry

Have you ever tried to bend over and pick up socks in a hamper, then throw them into a machine when you have a watermelon stuck to your abdomen? No? OK, well, believe me when I say it's not easy. Please do her laundry and yours and whoever else’s might live in your home (you might already be doing your fair share of the work already but now is the time to pick up the slack).

He Doesn’t Complain About The Lack Of Sexy Time

By this point, your pregnant partner is huge and potentially feeling wholly un-sexy. Not just because of the bowling ball in her uterus, but because third trimester comes with plenty of aches, pains, and, oh yeah, gas. It’s hard to get it on at this point (and some folks who are on pelvic rest aren’t even allowed to do so), so be patient and if you need to, just take some extra long cold showers.

He Helps Set Up The Nursery

Your partner may have started getting preparations ready for your baby’s triumphant first night home. Then again, they may be total procrastinators and waited till the last couple months. Either way, help set up the crib or bassinet, put up whatever cute pictures they downloaded off the internet, or baby proof your bedroom (and every other space). Do all the things and your pregnant partner will be over the moon.

He Goes To All Appointments...

Waddling around to appointments is a pain in the butt (and sometimes the back, since third trimester can come with a hefty dose of sciatica). If you’re able to, make it easier for your pregnant partner by driving them or at least accompanying them to these things. Plus, appointments can be unnerving for high risk mama-to-be’s, so you’ll definitely want to be present in the event of any potentially concerning news.

...And Any Childbirth And Parenting Classes (If Possible)

This is especially true for those who are on their first baby. Childbirth and parenting classes (where you learn things like swaddling, diaper changing, and breastfeeding techniques) can be extremely helpful to ease the nerves of new parents. Pregnant persons usually don’t want to attend these alone unless necessary, so make yourself available if you can.

He Hits The Store In The Middle Of The Night For Her Favorite Ice Cream, Just Because

Listen, I know that pregnancy cravings might not seem all that practical, but it's unbelievably helpful when a partner is willing to facilitate them. Maybe that means keeps a hefty stock of chips in your pantry, or having the local pizza place’s number on speed dial. Whatever it takes, gents.

He Spends Time With The Baby-To-Be

There’s nothing pregnant mamas love more than to see their partners talking and bonding with their future babies. It’s nothing short of endearing, and makes them feel special (and quite frankly, it can even be a turn on). Play music, talk about your day, tell jokes, whatever.

He Listens To His Partner’s Joys And Fears

Being pregnant can sometimes feel isolating, and there’s nothing more helpful to combat that loneliness than having an understanding and receptive partner. In the third trimester, pregnant persons might be staying home a lot more frequently, they might have baby on the brain every hour of every day, and they might lose touch with friends. So be there for your partner, even if it’s at some ungodly hour in the middle of the night, and you’ve got work the next day.

He Reminds His Partner About The Important Things

Pregnancy brain is a real thing. Supportive partners will keep this in mind and be extra gentle and forgiving when their pregnant better-half forgets to check the mail or pay the electric bill or close the pantry door. They’ll also gently remind their partner about any appointments or important things they need to do, because sometimes we all need a reminder.

He Never Shames His Partner

This kind of goes for all couples, whether you’re pregnant or not. No one should ever shame you in any way, especially not your partner. But of course, this goes double for pregnant persons, whose bodies are drastically changing in a short amount of time, and who are dealing with all kinds of hormonal highs and lows. In fact, if you want to be a stellar partner, compliment your pregnant other half. Remind her that she's beautiful and capable and ready to be an incredible mother. It will go a long way.