13 Things Geek Moms Teach Their Kids

Growing up, I was always on the fringe of society. I was into Archie Comics. I obsessed over aliens and Sailor Moon. I stereotypically wore glasses and got good grades. My interests have expanded over time (though still on the geek and indie spectrum), but remain a vital part of my identity. When I finally became a mom, I knew I would want to pass on my geeky knowledge and wisdom on to my child. Rest assured, there are plenty of things to teach your kid as a geek mom.

Now, I can’t say I’m the geekiest of geek mamas. I enjoy Star Wars just fine (but have probably only seen each movie once or twice). I’ve attended some comic conventions, but have yet to dress up for any of them. I’m a total failure when it comes to gaming, and know just as little about playing Halo as I do about Dungeons and Dragons. I’ll likely never get into LARPing, and I don’t know elvish and probably never will. And as for math? I am, sadly, quite awful at it.

But one thing’s for sure: I don’t judge or hold one geekdom far above any other. We’re all in this together and, as parents, it’s our job to teach our kids about the geeky side of life (both in learning about geeky things themselves, and how to conduct themselves in a world that doesn’t always embrace geekiness).

Your Kids Become Your Dragons

Game of Thrones fandom is huge right now, among geeks and non-geeks alike. Many of us even own “Mother of Dragons” shirts, or have even dressed up our littles as dragons for Halloween. As a geek mama, your kids will know you’re the Khaleesi of the household, and they won’t find it too odd if you refer to them as your baby dragons: strong, fierce, brave.

The Magic Of Cosplay

Even if you were never into cosplay, it will be hard as a geek mom to resist the urge to dress up your child as a Ghostbuster or a superhero. Sure, it might only happen on Halloween, but you’ll probably want to do it more often because dressing up is FUN. And there’s no better feeling than perfecting your child’s Rey or Ewok costume just in time for a convention. And speaking of which, you’ll definitely want to teach them about...

The Magic Of Conventions

Conventions are awesome. A mass congregation of geeks and geeky things is never be a bad thing. Better still is there are all kinds of conventions, from ones based on comic books, to ones based on anime, or video gaming, or science-fiction fandoms, or more. When it comes to kids and conventions, take them early, and take them often.

The Essentials Of Sci-Fi

Your kids will undoubtedly understand and appreciate the differences between Star Trek and Star Wars. They’ll definitely “get” the Hunger Games. They’ll read Ray Bradbury and Isaac Asimov and Philip K. Dick. They’ll know “the truth is out there.”

The Essentials Of Fantasy

Your kids will probably know which Hogwarts House they’re from before they can walk. They’ll know that there’s only one ring that rules them all. They’ll dig Buffy and Supernatural and A Wrinkle In Time. They’ll have an appreciation for all things magic and magical.

The Beauty Of Renaissance Faires

Some geeky folks go to comic cons, others go to renn fests (and others still attend both with equal love). Renaissance faires are a blast and it’d be hard to find a youngster who wouldn’t dig a place where people use old timey speak, where you can watch a blacksmith in action, or where you can shoot arrows and throw axes. Sometimes there are elements of fantasy blended into these fairs as well, so it’s a win-win.

The Glory Of Comic Book Shops

Comic book shops have long been the preferred hangouts of generations of geeks. And they’re not just for the superhero-loving crowd. Yes, you’ll find Batman action figures and Green Lantern comics here, but you’ll often also find plenty of other, interesting graphic novels and collectibles. Mostly, you’ll find a place where you can be yourself.

A Love And Appreciation Of Collecting

Geekdom isn’t just about watching and attending geeky things. You’ll also probably teach your kid about collecting geeky things. Whether you’re a record geek or you like housing bizarre instruments or first-edition books, or maybe stamps or baseball cards are more your thing,

How To Truly Accept Others

When you grow up geeky, there’s a good chance you’ll end up getting ostracized in some form or another. It’s unfortunate, but it also equips you with the understanding that it’s important to accept others just as they are. Basically, we teach our kids empathy.

How To Handle Those Who Won’t Accept You

On that note, we also teach our kids how to accept themselves, and be proud of who they are. No doubt some unpleasant person will come around and try to tell them their action figure isn’t all that cool, or worse. It’s our job as geek moms to let our kids know how to handle these situations, which is to say, to hold their heads high and not give a damn.

The Excitement Of Opening Nights

Much like Christmas, opening night of a geeky movie (or the series or season premiere of a geeky show, or the day that an awesome geek-friendly book is released) is a moment to be celebrated. Teach your kids that it’s totally find to be excited about these moments. Teach them to relish it.

The Importance Of Geeky Alliances

Where are any of us without our friends? Geek moms teach their kiddos the importance of making friends with others who might share their interests. That’s not to say we discourage friendships with folks who might have different taste in pop culture, but rather that they should also try and seek out those who might be able to support their interests.

Loyalty, Through And Through

Geeks are nothing if not loyal. Loyalty is really what geekdom is based on: loyalty to authors and creators, to superheroes and villains, to genres, to music styles, to fashion, to everything. Inadvertently, you will teach your children how to be loyal through the best and worst.