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20 Celeb Dads Who Are So Sweet With Their Kids — PHOTOS

Between Dwayne "The Rock" Johnson performing a song from Moana for his toddler daughter, JAY-Z taking Blue Ivy to a basketball game, Chris Hemsworth surfing with kids, and John Legend documenting some quality family time on Instagram, there are so many sweet celeb dad moments with their kids to aww over.

Celebrity moms get a lot of attention, and for good reason, of course. It's tough to be in the limelight all the time and still give your undivided attention to the little people who lean on you so heavily. But it's also important to take a moment to celebrate the many devoted celebrity dads who are so smitten with their adorable little ones.

Whether it's Ryan Reynolds once saying that he's "sort of into" his children with Blake Lively or The Rock doing literally anything that he does with his kids, these famous dads are just the sweetest. No need to pick favorites here, folks. Really just all of these dads are busy loving on their littles and it's honestly just great to see in the many posts they have shared on social media over the years. So, without further ado, let us all collectively swoon over these cutie dads.

Dwayne "The Rock" Johnson As Maui

No matter what they may be to us, these celebs are "dad" first to their kids, even if they also happen to be the demigod Maui from Moana. After trying to explain to his super adorable daughter Tia that he voices one of her favorite characters, Johnson surrenders to being just "daddy" — and I'm just fine with that.

John Legend Is Super Dad

Chrissy Teigan gets a lot of media attention for being an outspoken and hilarious mama, but proud dad John Legend is always on the scene being a super dad and loving on his littles. This quarantine selfie of the whole fam is just one of many sweet moments he has documented.

David Beckham Kissing His Babies

If you're against parents kissing their kids on the mouth, I honestly don't know what to tell you — and neither would David Beckham. Even since his kids have gotten older, Beckham has been showing them big love.

JAY-Z Supporting Blue Ivy

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The very cute Knowles-Carter family does everything together, including pushing one another when needed. In March, JAY-Z stepped up when Blue Ivy wanted to meet Lebron James at a Lakers game, telling her she needed to make the move herself if it was going to happen. Building kids up is such an important part of parenting that Jay is killing.

Neil Patrick Harris, AKA World's Cutest Dad

Good ole NPH is probably the world's cutest dad. Just look at him and his "girls" in this post.

Kanye West With His Girls

Don't let his grumpy face fool you, Kanye West clearly loves his kiddos — just look at this sweet cuddle moment Kim Kardashian posted.

Marky Mark Is Daddy

A man of many hats, Mark Wahlberg is also a dedicated daddy to his daughter Grace.

Chance the Rapper

Chance the Rapper is no stranger to late nights and early mornings with his kids when no one will sleep.

Chris Hemsworth Isn't Just A Movie Superhero

Chris Hemsworth isn't really one for posting too much about his little angel, but the two surf together and it's wholly too wholesome.

Stephen Curry

Stephen Curry isn't just a baller on the court. He's also a baller dad to his two kiddos. This Easter post of the gang is just one of many examples of his dedication to his family.

Adam Levine Only Has Eyes For His Kids

Who says you can't be a rockstar on stage a rockstar dad to your kids, too? Not Adam Levine, that's for sure.

Lebron James, A Supportive Dad

Lebron James has been a vocal supporter of his kids since day one, regardless of what they need from him. Earlier this year, he appeared on his daughter's cooking show. We should all take a note.

Barack Obama Is President Of Fatherhood

When he's not busy being the world's best husband, President Barack Obama is loving all over his two little girls and it's honestly a gift to get to see it.

Mark Zuckerberg Loves His Kids

Aside from a little project called Facebook, Mark Zuckerberg is busy raising two kids and keeping them from becoming "spoiled." What does that look like in real life? Lots of hands-on time and "not giving them everything" they ask for, as Zuckerberg told the Money Manuel. Not an easy task, I assure you.

Prince Harry Loves Little Archie

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There's no denying that Prince Harry has prioritized his sweet little family in recent years. His love for baby Archie runs deep, friends.

Will Smith Is The Fresh Prince Of Fatherhood

With his sweet family always by his side, Will Smith is #DadGoals.

Andy Cohen & Baby Ben

Andy Cohen has been very vocal about his devotion to baby Ben ever since the little guy came into his life, and it's so touching.

Prince William & Kids

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Prince William is a proud papa of three tots with wife Kate Middleton and his love for that sweet family is clear whenever the group is seen together.

Ryan Reynolds Is "Sort Of Into" His Kids

While they keep their kids largely off of their Instagram pages, both Ryan Reynolds and Blake Lively are open about their devotion to their kids. As Reynolds put it in an interview with Elle, "I kind of like my life. I’m really sort of into my children, which I know isn’t popular to say. It’s hard, three girls." How sweet is that?

Alec Baldwin & Fam

There are six, count 'em six, Baldwinitos in the world and he is killing the game loving on all those littles and making dad jokes all over town.