22 Postpartum Moments That'll Bring You & Your Partner Closer

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If you are anything like me, the first few months after you bring your new baby home are full of surprises, scary moments, snuggles, self-doubt, silliness, sleep deprivation, and so many tears shed by everyone involved. However, despite the inevitable freak outs, fears, and fights, there are many postpartum moments that'll bring you and your partner closer.

There was nothing more amazing than meeting our son for the first time together. I grew a tiny human in my body who is part me and part my husband and he'll be in our lives forever. I mean, that's mazing. However, there are also scary and emotionally charged moments, like your baby is sick, won't stop crying, or won't go the f*ck to sleep. The intensity of those moments and the ability to problem solve together generated some serious moments of common ground and commiseration for us as a couple.

I admit that occasionally I get resentful of my husband's ability to sleep through a literal sh*t storm happening on the other side of our bedroom, or that I can't seem to be able to explain to him what what it's like to have to manage postpartum depression and anxiety, something he will never truly understand. However, in so many ways having a baby together has made our relationship stronger (at least once I stopped keeping score about who was getting more sleep).

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