30 Times Prince George Was So Adorable, He Melted Hearts Around The World

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It has to be hard growing up in one of the world’s most recognizable families. But one small royal, Prince George, has always seemed to take the challenge in stride, showing up with expressions and attitudes that make people all across the globe love him all the more. And as he's just celebrated his eighth birthday, it feels now is as good a time as any to look at all the times Prince George was so adorable, he melted countless hearts around the world.

The young prince turned another year older on July 22, which means he’s moving on to less nap time at school and more of the serious stuff, like reading and writing. He’s ready for it, though; Prince George has already taken on the mantle of big brother twice in his young life, and has undoubtedly guided 6-year-old Princess Charlotte and 3-year-old Prince Louis through being a special part of the royal family.

In honor of his eighth birthday, his parents, Prince William and Kate Middleton, released some heartwarming photos — the way they traditionally have — and this year’s might be the cutest yet. Prince George is looking more like his father with every photo. His grin is delightful, and he looks positively joyous in the snaps captured by his mom. And here are a flurry of other times Prince George has stolen countless hearts.

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