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40 Kids Share Their Favorite Part About Halloween & Prepare To Melt

When I became a parent I developed a newfound love for holidays, and Halloween is no exception. There's just something about the excitement and smile on your kid's face that makes all the decorating, candy-buying, costume-making, and parties worth it. In fact, for so many of us, having kids is a chance to re-live the childlike wonder we all used to feel when Halloween (or any other holiday) rolled around. But what are our kids' favorite part of Halloween? Of course, there's only one way to find out.

Growing up I definitely enjoyed the treats lovingly handed out to us kids on Halloween. But I think dressing up and hanging out with friends is what really made Halloween special. My festive neighbors could’ve been handing out books or carrots and I still would've had a blast. And when I asked my 4-year-old son what he loved most about Halloween he replied, “I love to dress up like a race car driver!” (He technically has never dressed up like one yet, but he wants to this year so I guess that’s what he’s most psyched for.) Apparently, the candy apple doesn't fall far from the tree.

It's easy to assume our kids' favorite part of Halloween is the candy, but the following answers are proof positive that our children are in it for much more than just the sweets.

Skylar, 5

"My favorite part of Halloween is turning myself into a tornado as a costume."

Evan, 9

“Candy, dressing up, and decorating.”

Josh, 8

Scary movies and candy.”

Ryker, 5

"Trick-or-treat! I like getting candy!"

Jocelyn, 3

"Scarecrows and ghosts... but not big ghosts. Just tiny ghosts and tiny monsters and tiny scarecrows."

William, 3

“Pumpkins and saying ‘trick-or-treat’!”

Levi, 4

“Being a ninja and trick-or-treating with mommy, daddy, and my sisters... but not Amber, because she’s mean.”

Beau, 5

“Buying and giving peoples [sic] all our candy.”

Jace, 2


Kayden, 4

“Dressing up and treats.”

Ryan, 6

“You get lots of candy, see cool decorations, and see people from your community.”

Jacus, 3

“Haunted cookie house.”

Brantley, 4

Sophia, 6

“I like trick-or-treating, then going home to eat a little bit of candy!”

Tyler, 5

"My most favorite thing is the eating candy!"

Marnie, 8

“Scary movies.”

Hattie, 2

“Trick-or-treating, pretty dresses, pumpkin patches and jack-o-lanterns, [and a] new year.”

Asher, 3

“The zombies.”

Ayden, 6

“Dressing up and getting candy.”

Jacson, 6

"I like going trick-or-treating and I love dressing up."

Mason, 3

“Getting candy and haunted houses.”

Bella, 8

“Carving pumpkins.”

Suleiman, 7

“Trick-or-treating and decorating the trunk of the car [for trunk or treat].”

Averie, 3

"My favorite part the most is the candy!"

Serenity, 7

"I like when we go trick-or-treating and I also like scary movies."

Brooklyn, 6

“My favorite part of Halloween is to eat candy before bed and the yard decorations.”

Patrick, 7

“Figuring out a costume to wear.”

Reegan, 5

“Pumpkin carving and dressing up.”

Ariza, 4

That I can be a different princess. Maybe Anna [from Frozen] next time.”

Kathleen, 10

“Figuring out what my costume is going to be, the cold weather, and the decorations.”

Cruz, 7

“We get to dress up and walk around for candy. Lots and lots of candies!”

Brooklynn, 6

"Ummmm, when you get to eat candy."

McCoy, 5


Avaeia, 5

“I love being a princess and trick-or-treating to get candy.”

Jackson, 12

Decorating the house for my little brother, who is 2.”

Paislee, 3

“Going trick-or-treating. That’s my favorite.”

Abby, 3

“Spooky monsters.”

Charlotte, 6

“Dressing up and getting candy.”

Amelia, 5

“Putting on my costume and going trick-or-treating.”

Lamani, 7

“My favorite part of Halloween is when we get to dress up!”