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The most searched for baby names on Google include Olivia for girls and Luca for boys.
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Google Searches Reveal Current Baby Name Trends

Olivia is still going strong, y’all.

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It’s no secret that the first place many expecting parents turn for inspiration is right in the palm of their hand. You’re already on your phone anyway, so Googling baby name ideas just makes sense. Knowing which names are trending on Google can give insight into whether or not your baby is likely to wind up as one of three Olivias in their kindergarten class, or if they’ll stand out in a sea of boys their age named Aiden.

Google recently took a look at which names are most frequently searched, as well as what trends are popular in searches related to baby names, to help parents navigate the name game. Read on to learn which names are a hit with Google users and what naming trends parents are likely to see continue in the coming years.

Top Searched Baby Names On Google

You’ll probably recognize more than a few trending baby names on the list below that have garnered staying power over the past few years. For girls, Olivia continues to dominate searches for girls, with popular names like Amelia, Mila, and Isla also making their continued presence known. Interestingly, Aria holds Google’s 10th spot, which is an alternative spelling to the popular baby name Arya, likely inspired by the Game of Thrones character.

For boys, Luca takes the top spot on the list (you can likely thank Disney/Pixar for this one), followed by the ever-popular Aiden, and the Hawaiian-inspired baby name Kai at number three. Two spellings of the more traditional name Jackson also grace the list — Jaxon and Jaxson — proving that the way you spell your baby’s name can actually set them apart from the pack.

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According to Google, these are the top 10 trending baby names for girls and boys:


  1. Oliva
  2. Autumn
  3. Everly
  4. Isla
  5. Naomi
  6. Ariana
  7. Amelia
  8. Eliana
  9. Mila
  10. Aria


  1. Luca
  2. Aiden
  3. Kai
  4. Caleb
  5. Maverick
  6. Levi
  7. Jaxon
  8. Jaxson
  9. Logan
  10. Hunter

Top Trending Baby Name Search Terms

Not only did Google analyze the most searched for baby names, but they also gathered data related to popular baby name-adjacent search terms as well.

Overall, there’s been a marked increase in searches for gender neutral names. For example, searches for the term “nonbinary names” are up 550% in the United States over the past year and “cool unisex names” is up 400%. In fact, Google reports that worldwide search interest for unisex names has steadily increased since 2004.

The most searched question related to unisex names in the past two weeks on Google is, “Is Skyler a unisex name?” followed by “What are some gender neutral names?” Searches for whether or not Avery, Morgan, and Sasha are unisex names rank third, fourth, and fifth most-searched, proving that these gender neutral name choices are becoming increasingly popular.

Google reported that the search term “powerful girl names” has doubled in popularity in the past year in the United States, with searches up 170%. Meanwhile, U.S. searches for “vintage baby girl names” have risen 250% in the past year, and “beautiful rare girl names” is also a popular search term for Google users.

Although Google reported that “girl names” have been searched 14% more often than “boy names” since 2004, searches for “rare boy names with meaning” and “preppy boy names” are up 160% and 110%, respectively, in the past year.

Despite not gracing the list of top 10 most-searched individual names, in their list of top “what does the (name) mean” questions on Google in the past year, Emma, Michael, Ava, James, and Elizabeth are the top five most searched names in this format. Each of these names has been historically popular, but only time will tell how trendy they’ll stay in years to come.

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