10 Things All Moms Do When They're Alone In A Hotel

Moms work really, really hard all year long. They act as chauffeur and psychologist and nurse and, well, so much more. So you can bet your you-know-what that once in a while, they’re entitled to take a break. Enter, what I like to call, the “momcation.” This solo vacation doesn't have to be super fancy — just a night or two in a hotel will do. And rest assured, there are more than a few things moms do when they’re alone in a hotel that make these vacations more than worth it.

I’m happy to say that I am, currently, enjoying my own solo hotel stay. I’m one town away from my home, at the Garden of the Gods Club and Resort in Colorado Springs. My family will be joining me later, but I have a full 24 hours of solo time to enjoy and holy hell has it been refreshing. I love my son, don't get me wrong, but it’s nice not to have him attached to my arms and legs every hour of every day. It's nice that, for one whole day, I don't have to listen to him make car noises for hours on end.

I love my partner, too, but it’s nice to have a bed all to myself (complete with every pillow in the room), and I have to admit that I enjoy not having to listen to him complain about work and society in general. So, yes, I made sure I had an entire day to myself before "real life" showed up, because I know these solo breaks are not a common occurrence. I also know that I'm not alone, and that a lot of moms feel the same way. In fact, I can imagine most parents are quick to take advantage of their hotel stays in a variety of ways, including the following:

They Do All The Sleeping

I know it’s obvious, but sleep is so important and restorative and amazing and, well, moms just don’t get enough of it. So yes, if we ever get the shot at staying in a hotel room on our own, chances are we sleep in, take naps, and then sleep some more in between.

They Do Not Clean Up After Themselves

Despite the growing number of non-mom partners taking care of household chores and responsibilities, we still have a pretty real division of labor in which women (and especially moms) take on most of the work.

But while you’re alone and away, you’re free to leave dirty room service dishes strewn about, the bed unmade, and wet towels on the floor. Actually, not the towels. You should probably hang those up (house staff works hard too, after all).

They Catch Up With Old Friends

As parents, we don’t all always have extra time to dedicate to chatting with loved ones. We might schedule calls with our moms or exchange texts with our best friends, but there might be other people we want to reach out to, as well. Without the noise or distraction of your immediate family, you’ll likely shoot a message (or maybe even Skype) long lost friends while enjoying a small, solo vacation.

They Take Long, Uninterrupted Showers

Moms rarely get to indulge in lengthy showers, much less fancy bubble baths. Thankfully, when you're at a hotel you can feel free to take the longest, hottest, most indulgent shower (or bath!) known to man and womankind. Honestly, it's like taking a vacation during your vacation.

They Watch Their Favorite Shows

As though the hotel TV somehow knew, last night an X-Files marathon popped up on my screen. It’s a show I know and love quite well, and one that I have enjoyed end to end numerous times. And no, I haven’t turned it off since I checked in.

Moms, whether it’s The Good Wife or Game of Thrones, feel free to watch all your favorite (definitely not kid-friendly) shows while you’re on your own.

They Order Room Service At Least Once

How often do you get to have someone else bring you your favorite food on a silver platter? OK, maybe it’s not always silver, but it sure is nice to have food delivered to your room. It always makes me feel like Kevin McAllister at the Plaza in Home Alone 2 (and if that gives away my age, so be it).

They Wear Their Robes *A Lot*

Hotel robes are the best. Whether they’re super fluffy and plush or they’re thin and cottony, I love them all. Moms appreciate the little things in life, and that means trading in their usual t-shirt and yoga pants look for a simple, single piece of attire they know they won’t have to wash later on.

They Spend Time At The Spa

When my family is with me on a trip and I get the chance to use the spa, I never use it all that long. There’s always things to do and the guilt of not giving my partner a break usually keeps me from staying away for too long.

But this time around, I not only got to enjoy a few spa treatments guilt-free, I also have the opportunity to hang out in their relaxation room and himalayan salt inhalation room. Normally, this mama doesn’t have the kind of free time to sit in a room whose walls are essentially made of salt. But this time? Totally did it.

They Indulge A Hobby

If they don’t spend all their time sleeping and showering, a mom will probably take advantage of the alone time to get back to her favorite hobbies. For some moms, this is taking an on-site yoga class or catching up on some knitting, for others it might be reading long-neglected books or taking a dip in the pool.

They Indulge A Vice

While many of us can still enjoy our hobbies when we're around our families, we can’t always indulge in our chosen vices with little ones present. But who’s going to judge you when you’re on your own, right? So have that second glass of wine at dinner. Casino on-site? Play a little black jack. Use that vape pen you’ve been hiding (in approved locations, of course). Remember, we don’t judge.