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6 Routines With Your Kids You Shouldn't Change During Mercury Retrograde

The time period from July 7 to July 31 may be a tricky one for many folks. Mercury is in retrograde, which astrologically means that confusion abounds and chaos reigns supreme. This is not the time for making seamless transitions, flawless decisions, or basically level-headed anything, according to those who believe in the power of the universe impacting our day-to-day lives. Due to the current turbulent state of the universe, parents should be weary of these six routines you shouldn't change during Mercury in retrograde.

Scientifically speaking, Mercury retrograde simply means that when viewing the planet Mercury from Earth during this time period, Mercury will appear to be moving backwards. Typically the planet appears to travel directionally from west to east, but during retrograde an optical illusion of sorts is at play and Mercury appears to be moving east to west. Although it happens most frequently with Mercury — about four times per year — all planets experience the retrograde phenomenon.

Historically, during Mercury retrograde people are advised not to make life-altering decisions or major life changes. As a parent, it is advised to keep things around your home as chill as possible during this period of probable insanity, including making sure you don't rock the boat when it comes to these routines you shouldn't change during Mercury in retrograde.



You've probably tried everything under the sun when it comes to establishing a solid bedtime routine with your little one. Whether or not you've finally figured out the magical formula of 12 stories, three sips of water, and standing on one leg while singing "Twinkle, Twinkle, Little Star," Mercury retrograde is not the time to attempt to try new bedtime routines.

Your summer schedule might necessitate moving bedtime for toddlers and older kids a little later thanks to the summer solstice, but switching up your entire routine is ill-advised during Mercury in retrograde. This goes double for attempting to sleep train. Just spare yourself the drama and give in to your child's every nighttime whim until July 31.



Weaning a child from breastfeeding is almost never an easy transition to make. Even when kids self-wean, the process can evoke a myriad of emotions for mom, child, and the entire family, and throwing all of those emotions into the mix while Mercury is in retrograde might amplify them ten-fold.

Also, if your kid is super attached to their bottle instead of your boob, weaning them from their bottle might be tricky during Mercury in retrograde as well when attachment bonds can strengthen. If you can make it a few more weeks until the end of Mercury in retrograde before starting any weaning process, then by all means please do.


Potty Training

Toddler sitting on the toilet, potty training.Shutterstock

According to astrologer Kyle Thomas in a recent interview with Bustle, starting new endeavors is ill-advised during Mercury in retrograde. For parents, that new endeavor could very well be the seemingly never-ending process that is potty training. Learning a new skill can be a challenge for any kid, but during Mercury in retrograde, attempting to begin potty training might just be extra hard.


Getting A 'Big Kid Bed'

It's oh-so-exciting when your child is finally read to ditch their crib and sleep in a big kid bed, but timing is everything. Experts say that the age when kids are ready to transition out of a crib is different for everyone, but typically sometime after age 2, most children can more clearly understand the expectation to stay in a bed without railing.

However, if your child happens to be gearing up for this particular switch, it might be best to put your plans on hold while Mercury is in retrograde just to be on the safe side. A few more weeks in a crib for your babe probably won't spell disaster, but making the switch when the universe is in disarray just might.


Their Lovey

Although experts agree that it is normal for children to develop an attachment to a lovey or soft toy, they will eventually also be ready to not carry it around everywhere. As a parent, you might feel compelled to help your child become less attached to their lovey by minimizing the amount of time they spend clutching their beloved lovey at day care drop off, during nap time, or at mealtimes, especially if a milestone like preschool or kindergarten is right around the corner. However, doing so during Mercury in retrograde could send your child into an emotional tailspin. Emotions running high during Mercury in retrograde is a common belief by astrologers, so if your child feels comforted by their lovey, they may need it even more during this time period.


Meal Times

Kids can be notoriously picky eaters and it's often tempting for parents to change up how you do meal times just for the sake of getting your chicken nugget lover to gnaw on something green that's not a sour straw. I've totally been there, but cannot imagine trying to make a permanent change to my kids' eating habits while Mercury is in retrograde.

As if food battles with kids are not hard enough on their own, throw in the communication issues that run rampant during Mercury in retrograde and you have yourself a literal recipe for disaster. Nutritionists say certain "junk" foods can be healthy anyway, so spending a few more days allowing your kids to consume PB&Js on the regular might just be what you all need.