16 Toddlers Share Their Hilarious New Year’s Resolutions

The year is coming to a close, and that means it’s time to start figuring out how best to improve our lives. Enter: New Year resolutions. Asking for that raise? Finally taking vacation days? Going back to school? All fine promises to make as we enter 2018. But as a mom, I know that some of the resolutions we make aren't particularly kind to ourselves. That's why it wouldn't hurt to take a page from our children's books. That's also why I asked toddlers to share their adorable New Year's resolutions. From the mouths of babes, my friends.

I’ve been doing resolutions for a long time, but my kid, who is still a few months shy of 4, has absolutely no concept of what a "resolution" really is. He had a hard enough time trying to write a Christmas list for Santa, so making a serious commitment to a life change is a pretty abstract concept for him.

I tried asking what my son's New Year's resolution was, and all he could muster was something about a bowling lane. Then he just went about his merry way. Still, I thought it would be fun to find out what other toddlers (and some preschoolers) would resolve to do in the New Year. Let's see how they compare to your own resolutions:

Maddie, 4.5

"Having fun with my family. Because having fun with my family is love."

Gioia, 3

"I want a dog!"

Hannah, 3.5

"'I want to do a card for you.'

That's what I got after explaining what 'New Year' and 'New Year's resolutions meant.'"

Addy, 3.5

Aella, 4

“When I asked she gave an exasperated sigh. ‘I don't have solution.’ I explained about what a resolution is more. ‘I want to go to the mall more, mom.’”

Chloe, 4

“To learn how to draw hearts.”

Brennan, 4

"To run in circles and learn to paint."

Bodhi, 4.5

"Go to Mexico and eat chocolate at Mexico."

Hudson, 2

Evan, 4.5

Hammer more things.”

Leia, 4

“Playing with my family. To be nice... and helping!”

Elise, 3

"Kiss you a lot next year, mama."

Mia, 4

“I asked [my daughter] what her New Year’s Resolutions is, and she looked at me all perplexed. I explained, in toddler form, that a resolution is a wish or wishes you want to complete before the New Year is over. She then said, ‘Mom, so I know this is a long shot and it's like a long drive too but, umm, I would like to go to Disney.’”

Matilda, 2.5

“‘I want a costume banana! A pumpkin too!’ We're watching Curious George Halloween. I know that makes it all make sense.”

Teddy, 3

"’I don't want to have a resolution for next year, can we do it right now?’

I have no idea what 'it' is.”

Patrick, 3

"Become the Red Power Ranger."

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