With school almost in session, here’s everything you need to get your kids (and yourself) ready for that much-anticipated first week.

Remember how 9 a.m. used to feel like the start of the day, and then you became a mom? Romper's ongoing Instagram series #Before9am celebrates all you do before most people have their coffee. Here, writer Meg Boggs walks us through her jam-packed early morning to-do list, which includes making breakfast, spending quality time reading with her toddler Maci, and yes, taking a few deep breaths.

My phone buzzed at 5:36 a.m. I heard some noises on the monitor. With crusty eyes and probably next-level dragon breath, I opened one eye to check the camera on my phone. She was squirming a bit. So as usual, I sat on the edge of the bed. For like 10 minutes. IDK. Maybe longer? Who knows. But I always just sort of sit there breathing. It’s another day.

I take one last deep breath before standing up from the edge of the bed. Before I wash up. Make the bed. Start a load of laundry. Make breakfast in my undies. Sip coffee as Maci runs circles around the island and between my legs. Brush her hair. Serve breakfast. Get her dressed. Prepare my workout drinks. Pack her bag. Put on my workout clothes. And finally sit back down to read her some books before we head out the door to the gym. Before the next wave of the day washes in. Before I’m able to give myself a pat on the back for everything I do #before9am.

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