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Everything Princess Charlotte Loves From Cardigans To Pizza

Princess Charlotte has an eclectic mix of interests and they're all fabulous.

Princess Charlotte knows her own mind. She knows what she likes and what she doesn’t like, but most importantly she knows what she loves. And we know what she loves because we have been paying attention. As the only daughter of the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge, Princess Charlotte has managed to stand out as a royal with real personality. To say she has strong tastes is perhaps pushing it a shade too far, but certainly Princess Charlotte never appears to falter when it comes to making her feelings known. And we absolutely love her for it.

1. She loves a cardigan.

Kate Middleton has been dressing 6-year-old Princess Charlotte in perfect little cardigans since she was a wee baby in 2015, and she suits them. In fact, it’s probably fair to say that she loves them. And why wouldn’t she? Her classic cardigans, whether worn over a dress, a school uniform, or with jeans, have turned her into a young fashion icon. What’s not to love about being a young fashion icon?

2. Her baby brother (we think).

When Princess Charlotte became a big sister to Prince Louis in 2018, she was clearly bowled over by her love for him. One of his first official royal photos was taken with his big sister kissing him on his sweet face, and in subsequent pictures for his first year Princess Charlotte is always watching over Prince Louis with a look of total adoration or holding his little hand. As they’ve gotten older that’s probably changed. But boy did she love him in those early months.

3. Making homemade pizza.

Just because she’s a princess and fourth in line to the throne doesn’t mean she won’t get her hands dirty. Princess Charlotte loves making pizza, according to Kate Middleton, and she’s all about getting “messy” while she does it. Also probably while she eats it.

4. Perfecting her regal wave.

When Princess Charlotte joined Queen Elizabeth on the balcony of Buckingham Palace for the Trooping The Colour in 2018, she wasn’t remotely shy. In fact, she was pretty focused on watching her great-grandmother wave at the crowd and trying to master that classic wave herself. She nailed it, of course.

5. She loves a useful construction tool.

During a visit to the London Bridge Job Centre in 2020, Kate Middleton and Prince William pointed out that their kids would be sad not to see the diggers in action. It seems young Prince Louis and his older sister both love watching the heavy machinery in action, and who can blame them?

6. A princess and her cheekiness.

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Princess Charlotte, unlike 8-year-old brother Prince George or even 4-year-old brother Prince Louis, seems to be a fan of delivering a bit of sass now and then. Like when she sticks her tongue out, either at her grandfather Michael Middleton during the 2019 King’s Cup Regatta or at the press corps at Prince Harry and Meghan Markle’s wedding. Why not inject a bit of personality into things?

7. A horse lover in the making.

In keeping with the long held royal tradition, Princess Charlotte has been learning to ride horses just like Queen Elizabeth. She has reportedly always been something of a horse lover and taken to riding horses like a little natural. I bet she wears a cardigan while she rides.

8. She can dance if she wants to.

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Perhaps the most well-documented of all of Princess Charlotte’s many loves is her passion for dance. She has always loved to dance, whether that’s ballet at school with her friends, doing the floss with her mom, or shaking her little hips to Shakira in a tutu at breakfast. Much like her late grandmother Princess Diana, Princess Charlotte has the music in her. All the time.

9. A future royal photographer.

Princess Charlotte appears to be following in her mom’s footsteps as a budding young photographer. She reportedly received a children’s video camera for Christmas in 2021, so perhaps she’s planning to go even further than photography. Maybe she’ll make a gritty documentary about the royal family. One can dream.

10. A nature lover from way back.

Kate Middleton shared a photo of Princess Charlotte gently holding a butterfly in 2021, and the little girl looked like a natural. She and her brothers are all about being outside and being in nature, which should come as no surprise as their dad Prince William is one of the leading conservationist in the country.

11. All about mom’s style.

Princess Charlotte has really become a gifted little mimic of Kate Middleton over the years. Whether she’s watching her mom and effortlessly copying her perfect curtsy for Queen Elizabeth or fiddling with her own ponytail in the same manner, Princess Charlotte has made a hobby out of following in her mom’s footsteps.

12. A playhouse fit for more than one princess.

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Princess Charlotte is lucky enough to have access to Queen Elizabeth’s incredible childhood playhouse, and she loves it. How could she not considering it has a living room, kitchen, electricity, and even hot and cold running water in the bathroom?

13. Drama, drama, drama.

It seems Meghan Markle isn’t the only actress in the royal family. Princess Charlotte has been taking drama classes at Thomas’s Battersea School in London, and she’s apparently a big fan of acting. Could she be the next royal to hit the big screen? We can dream.

14. The Great (Royal) British Bake Off.

Kate Middleton has long baked cakes for her kids’ birthdays, and her daughter has been paying attention. Princess Charlotte has baked several yummy treats along with her brothers, including an adorable cake baked for their mom on Mother’s Day. Yet another creative endeavor from the young princess.

15. A book after her own name.

Princess Charlotte’s favorite book, you ask? Of course it’s E.B. White’s Charlotte’s Web. Any little person who knows herself so truly and deeply like Princess Charlotte would obviously choose a book named after her. It’s only natural.