27 Kids Share Their Favorite Thing About Thanksgiving

While the holiday is problematic, there are arguably an endless list of things to love about Thanksgiving. From the food to the wine to the time with your family — chosen or not — to the football, parades, and mid-day naps, there's plenty to love about our most gluttonous day of the year. Romper asked kids to share their favorite thing about Thanksgiving too, because while us parents are busy working in the kitchen and coordinating schedules our kids are often reaping the benefits. In the hustle of bustle of the holiday season it can be easy to lose sight of what matters, too: the memories we're making for and with our children.

My son has only experienced a handful of Thanksgivings, and has only recently been able to remember or at least understand the general concept of the holiday. So when I asked him what he loves most about Turkey Day, I wasn't all that surprised to learn that Thanksgivings haven’t been all that memorable for him. Not yet, anyway. Overall though, I’m sure having an actual sit-down family dinner might be his favorite part, since it's not something we do very often. My husband and I don't go all out with a big meal, since it's just the three of us, but we always sit down around the table and enjoy the food together, as a family.

Of course, the beauty of the holiday season is having the freedom to make your own family traditions and enjoy the holidays any way you see fit, which is why Romper wanted to see what other children love about Thanksgiving. And, true to form, the kids came up with some pretty fantastic (read: honest) responses:

Evan, 5

Chocolate turkey’s [from See’s] that Great Grandma puts at the table for each person.”

Anna, 7

“Family and the rolls.”

Tabitha, 7

“That the turkey comes and gives kids toys on Thanksgiving and its it's called the Big Turkey.”

Note from Tabitha’s mom: This is not some family tradition. My best guess is that she always gets gifts when she sees my mom, and last year my mom also brought a big stuffed animal turkey to Thanksgiving for pictures.

Aidan, 7

“Eating lots and lots of rolls.”

Brody, 12

“That sweet, sweet pumpkin pie.”

Liam, 7

“Spending time with our family. Oh, and turkey!”

Mason, 4

"I’m thankful for you, mommy!"

Wyatt, 6

“The turkey and all my cousins.”

Brooklynn, 6

Lorelei, 2


Walker, 5

“Eating cake.”

Note from Walker’s mom: He says cake because my sister’s birthday lands around Thanksgiving, so we usually celebrate both at the same time.

Jake, 4

"I like eating together. That I love!"

Jaelynn, 10

“I like the food and eating with the family.”

Mark, 6

Giving to other people and eating turkey.”

Ambria, 12

“Seeing family.”

Addison, 5

"I like that there are always more desserts than people."

Lukas, 6

When family comes over and we get to share our Thanksgiving stuff and tell stories."

Beau, 5

“Eating turkey and doing turkey crafts.”

Lalani, 13

"Spending time with family."

Ryka, 3

“Candy. Do we get candy for Thanksgiving, too?”

Mikey, 9

“Turkey and being thankful.”

Destiny, 12

David, 13

“Ham and being with family. But mostly ham.”

Gioia, 4

“Sharing foods!”

William, 7

“Eating cranberry sauce. I love cranberry sauce — it’s the best. I also like playing with my cousin.”

Lilly, 14 months


Noah, 9

Football all day long! Best day ever.”