Aimee Christian

Aimee Christian is a freelance writer for Romper, where she writes about parenting. She focuses on special needs parenting, disability, inclusion, adoption, and her experiences coming of age as a reluctant adult and new parent. Aimee's bylines have also appeared in The New York Times, The Washington Post, and on Popsugar Family. She has two master's degrees from Harvard University in philology and education. When Aimee is not writing, she is a vice president for a national nonprofit who travels frequently for work. She is an introverted oversharer who finds it easier to write something super personal for the whole internet to see than to relay the same story to a friend. She loves reading, walking, yoga, and spending time with her spouse and two daughters. She is a special needs parent, but not by choice. Inclusion advocate by default. Aimee is an adult adoptee, a decaf cold brew addict, and a tattooed vegan hippygoth native New Yorker who now lives with her family, her cats, and a flock of hens outside of Boston, MA. You can follow Aimee on Instagram, Facebook and, when she remembers, also Twitter, all at @thewriteaimee. Find out more about Aimee and her writing at