Just 60 Adorable Photos Of Jinger Duggar's Daughter Felicity

The Counting On star’s oldest daughter is too cute.

by Casey Suglia
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If you're a fan of TLC's Counting On, then you already know that Jinger Duggar's daughter Felicity is one smiley and happy little girl. But beyond seeing the little girl on the super-sized family's reality show from time to time, Jinger and her husband Jeremy Vuolo often share adorable photos of their 2-year-old on social media. So, really, the cuteness never stops.

Before diving in to a collection of cute photos, let's travel back to 2018, when Jinger gave birth to Felicity. Fans of Counting On were so happy for the proud parents, who had recently moved to Laredo, Texas, for Jeremy's job. The family of three have since moved to Los Angeles, California, have continued to participate in Counting On, and welcomed their second child, a daughter named Evangeline Jo, on Nov. 22, 2020.

But when TLC cameras aren't rolling, Jinger and Jeremy are busy documenting their daughter's life on their respective Instagram accounts. And while they star in a popular reality TV show, they show that their lives are actually pretty normal and down-to-earth, like grabbing coffee at a local cafe.

However, you might have noticed recently that Jinger and Jeremy have scaled back on posting photos of their daughters. Jinger revealed on her Instagram Story in April that this was a personal choice they made as a family. “You haven’t seen much of them simply because we are wanting to give them a bit more privacy while they’re so young,” Jinger wrote. “We appreciate how you love and support our family.”

On or off camera, Jinger and Jeremy totally devoted to and totally smitten with their oldest daughter, as you can see in these 60 photos of little Felicity.

She Loves A Good Dress-Up Moment

Felicity is a fashionable gal, always sporting some kind of bow and dress and looking all dolled up.

She's A Coffee Connoisseur In The Making

Jinger and Jeremy's love of coffee is well documented, as they often share photos of visits to coffee shops with Felicity in tow. It only makes sense that they are raising a little coffee connoisseur in the making, too.

She Already Knows How To Order Coffee

She’s simply learned from her parents — or just has fun chatting with the baristas, too.

Don’t Worry, It’s Decaf

Of course, they're not actually giving Felicity coffee. Jinger wrote in an Instagram post that they're not letting their little one drink coffee; she sticks to milk for now.

She's A 'Precious Gift'

There's a reason why Felicity is always wearing bows — she's her parents' favorite gift. Jinger wrote on Instagram that "when you're blessed with a gift this precious, you put a bow on it."

She's A Fashionista

Whether she's in a rain jacket and leggings or wearing a dress, Felicity stays fashionable.

Like, Super Stylish

C'mon, look at this furry vest.

She Loves Spending Quality Time With Her Parents

Since Jinger and Jeremy moved to California, they've been exploring everything that their new state has to offer. Felicity is, of course, part of their adventures, too, getting to spend some major quality time with her parents.

She's Always On The Go

Their desire to explore could feed in to Felicity's ability to always be on the go. Jinger's Instagram feed is filled with photos of her daughter taking off on a new adventure of her own.

She Loves A Twin Moment

Although Felicity has no siblings of her own, she loves a good "twin" moment with her cousins who are close in age. Just look at her wearing matching bear sweaters with her cousin Ivy, who is a little less than a year younger than her.

And A Matching Outfit

She also matches with her mom from time to time. Judging from Jinger's Instagram account, she loves getting the opportunity to dress similarly to Felicity. Whether they're wearing buffalo plaid or stripes, Jinger pulls off the matching look so well with her "mini me."

And Matching Her Mom

"I don't know about you, but I have to do the matchy-matchy thing every once in a while," Jinger wrote captioned a photo.

She's Great At Making Furry Friends

The family of three may no longer have their pet cat Jacob, but that hasn't stopped Felicity from making some furry friends on the go. Although Jeremy has said that he is "terribly allergic" to cats, it seems like Felicity loves animals.

She Helps Her Mom Out In The Kitchen

Although Felicity is not nearly old enough to help her mom take things in and out of the oven, she certainly has tried helping her bake. "Felicity has got inspired by my recent baking and wants to join in on the fun!" Jinger captioned the photo.

And Cleaning Up Around The House

Not only did she want to bake at Christmas time, she also wanted to clean, too. Jinger snapped this hilarious video of Felicity cleaning up ornaments around their house. What a good little helper!

She Loves A Good Snack

Like most kids, Felicity always seems to have a snack in her hand in photos.

She Can Hang With Her Family Members

Whether she's hanging with her cousins or her 18 aunts and uncles, she always seems down to hang out with her family members.

She Seriously Loves That Quality Time

So many aunts and uncles, so little time.

She's Expressive

Felicity isn't the kind of kid with a perfect poker face. The little girl is very expressive. Jinger called her daughter's eyes "curious."

And Super Curious

And if Felicity has curious eyes, then she definitely has a curious personality. Jinger loves using that adjective to describe her daughter — whether she's looking at fruit off of a tree, trying to learn more about fish at the aquarium, or even checking out the texture on a wall.

She Loves Looking At Things

But if you were obsessed with “Baby Shark” then you’d be interested in sea creatures too, right?

She’s Always Exploring

"I love watching her explore new places, seeing what she finds interesting — the textured wall, as opposed to the basketball," Jinger captioned the photo.

She Loves A Good Sunday Stroll

Jeremy and Jinger are always documenting their sweet family walks around Southern California, and Felicity seems to love a fun Sunday stroll.

And Saturday Morning Pancakes

As Jinger shared on Instagram, Saturday mornings are for pancakes and Felicity seems to wholeheartedly agree.

She Loves Her Grandparents

Whether she's with her mom's parents, Jim Bob and Michelle Duggar (also known as Pops and Lolli to their grandkids), or Vuolo's parents, Diana and Charles Vuolo, Felicity always seems to be having a great time.

She Has Country Roots

Although she may be living in California at the moment, it's hard to ignore Felicity's country roots. The little girl was born in San Antonio, Texas, and immediately went home to her mom and dad's house in Laredo, Texas. Sure, she might be a California girl now, but she's still got some serious country roots.

But Has Embraced California Living

But you can't blame her for embracing California living either. Since the family moved to California in the summer of 2019, Felicity has gotten to go on trips to Universal Studios, the beach, and visit other amusement parks as well. Now that sounds like a very good reason to move to the Golden State.

And She’s Gotten Used To Fun Outings With Her Parents

That carousel looks awesome, honestly.

She's A Scholar In The Making

OK, so she may be young, but it's never too early for her to start learning or reading, even if that means reading Learn to Read New Testament Greek. Jinger took to Instagram to reveal that Felicity was helping her dad with his studies, like with some moral support.

And A Piano Player, Like Her Mom

Few may know this, but Jinger is actually a talented piano player, so much so that Jeremy bought her a piano for their first wedding anniversary. Clearly Felicity is following in her mom's footsteps.

"Felicity loves being involved in whatever we're doing," Jinger wrote on Instagram. "Every time I sit down to play the piano, she is right there, anxiously awaiting her turn."

And Soccer Fan, Like Her Dad

Felicity seems to have inherited her dad's love for soccer, too. Before Jeremy became a pastor and began studying at the Master's Seminary, he was a professional soccer player. Jeremy played soccer as a student at Syracuse University and was even signed to a professional team.

Maybe She’s Going To Be A Goalkeeper

Felicity has attended soccer games with her dad, had some time on the field, and looks so comfortable wearing her little soccer jersey.

Or Simply Just A Soccer Fan

No matter what she decides to do, she will definitely have the support of her parents.

She Shares Her Dad's Love For Books

Although she might not be able to read just yet, Felicity clearly shares her dad's intense love of books. "She shares her daddy's love for good bookstores," Jinger wrote on Instagram.

She's A Foodie

Whether she's chowing down on Chinese food or scouring the bread aisle, Felicity appears to be a very enthralled with food and trying new dishes. "Felicity was all about the veggie fried rice," Jinger once revealed.

Or Just A Lover Of Baked Goods

Who doesn’t love bread?

She Has A Lot Of Personality

Whether she's smiling or sticking out her tongue, Felicity knows how to express herself.

She's A Seasoned Traveler

Between flights from Texas, California, and Jinger's family's hometown in Arkansas, Felicity is already raking in the sky miles.

She Has A Contagious Smile

Just look at those cheeks and that wide smile!

She Loves Spending Time With Her Cousins

How could she not love spending time with her cousins when they are so close in age?

She's A Daddy's Girl

Although she might have more opportunities to match her mom, both of their Instagram accounts show that she's a daddy's girl through and through.

She's Always Happy

Does Felicity ever have a bad day? According to Jinger and Jeremy's Instagram accounts, no, she does not.

She Has Some Big Shoes To Fill

Literally and figuratively. Time will tell if she chooses to follow in her parents footsteps, but considering all that they've done in their lives, she has some big shoes to fill.

She's A Little Angel

The photo speaks for itself.

She Loves The Water

Whether she's swimming in a pool or playing near a fountain, Felicity clearly loves being in (or near) the water.

Like, Really Likes The Water

Look at that happy baby!

She Loves A Sweet Treat

In addition to being an adventurous eater, Felicity loves her sweets. Just look at how much she is enjoying eating this ice cream cone.

She's Good At Making Friends

Even making friends come easy to her. Jeremy shared on Instagram that Felicity is quite friendly with the Counting On film crew.

She's So Stinkin' Adorable

The photos speak for themselves. No matter where she is and what she's doing, Felicity is one seriously adorable little kid.

She Loves Shopping

Jinger and Jeremy’s little one, who now has a head full of curls, doesn’t hesitate to do “a little weekend shopping.”

She’s A Little Explorer

Whether she’s taking a walk in their neighborhood, or scavenging out in nature, Felicity seems like she’s always down for a good adventure.

She Loves Leaving Photos On Her Mom’s Phone

But what kid doesn’t? Jinger revealed that she loves finding photos of Felicity and Jeremy, randomly taken by the father-daughter duo, on her phone. Something she has in common with most kids.

She Loves Being A Big Sister

In a post on her Instagram story in April, Jinger revealed that her daughters are doing great. “Felicity is absolutely smitten by her little sister and Evy adores Felicity,” she shared.

She Never Turns Down A Good Walk

How sweet is she to hold her parents hands like that!

It Doesn’t Take Much To Entertain Her

“Just as long as she’s playing with her daddy, she’s happy,” Jinger revealed on Instagram.

She’s A Little Flower Picker

And isn’t afraid to stop and smell the roses, or “take them” with her on her neighborhood walks, Jinger joked on Instagram.

She’s Color Coordinated

From matching her bow to her dad’s shoes, to her playground toy, little Felicity is already coordinating her colors.

She Also Picks Her Own Outfits

Not only does she pick her own flowers, but Jinger revealed that Felicity loves picking out which clothes she will wear each day. Oh, and she loves helping out with the laundry, too, which is a plus.

She’s Outdoors-y

This little girl loves the outside, and even asks her mom each night if she can “see da moon?” Awwww.

Her Bedtime Routine Is Her Favorite

Felicity is a simple girl, especially when it comes to her nighttime routine. “She loves brushing her teeth, reading her big picture story bible, and praying with us each night before bed,” Jinger shared on Instagram.

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