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14 Hot Celebrity Dad Greeting Cards You Didn't Know You Needed Until Now

Who’s your daddy?

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From making breakfast daily to taking the reins at bedtime and even eating their kid’s Halloween candy, it’s safe to say that with celebrity dads, the cliché saying holds true: Stars — they’re just like us! Except, of course, that their famous faces are beautiful enough to grace television screens, star in movies, and put on a greeting card. A little eye candy never hurt anyone, so the next time someone you know is in need of a pick-me-up, you can stick one of these hot celeb dad cards in an envelope to make their day.

Paul Rudd was crowned People’s 2021’s sexiest man alive, but at his core, he’s just a devoted family man who will go out of his way to make the day of a 12-year-old boy when nobody signs his yearbook. David Beckham is a dutiful dad of four who got in line at 2 a.m. and waited for 12 hours to honor Queen Elizabeth. Ryan Gosling’s sly grin could put a smile on anyone’s face, but he couldn’t even impress his own daughter with a trip to the Louvre. The point here is that being a loving father and a great human — especially when you’re a celebrity dad — is super hot. (Incredible physique notwithstanding.)

Whether your BFF could use a shirtless Channing Tatum card to celebrate their birthday or your sister needs a reminder that you and The Rock’s muscular arms will always be there for her, these cards featuring hot celebrity dads are perfect to give your friends for any occasion.


Hot celeb dad Channing Tatum on a birthday card

He can act, he can dance, he’s a respectful and mature co-parent, and he’s a children’s book author. In short, there’s plenty to love about hot celebrity dad Channing Tatum, including the way he seems to be looking right into your soul on the front of this customizable birthday card.


A blank Chris Hemsworth collage greeting card

If your friend is a Chris Hemsworth fan, they can salivate over every delicious version of him thanks to this all-occasion greeting card — clothed, shirtless, young, seasoned... The inside is blank, but you can ask the seller to personalize it or write a handwritten message for you if you want.


A hot celeb dad Galentine’s Day card with David Beckham

What’s better than getting a hot celebrity dad card for Galentine’s Day? Getting a hot celebrity dad card for Galentine’s Day with a portrait of David Beckham serving a smolderingly sexy look. Those eyes of his are just piercing no matter what form they take.


Ryan Reynolds on a hot celeb dad card

Perhaps the hot celebrity dad to out-dad all hot celebrity dads is Blake Lively’s husband, AKA Ryan Reynolds. A dad to three daughters with a fourth child on the way, the Deadpool hottie takes his role as a dad in stride. For your friend who loves a laugh and a great dad joke, this hot celeb dad card is a top-notch choice.


The Rock on a hot celeb dad card

For your friend who plays “You’re Welcome” on repeat just to hear Dwayne Johnson serenade them, this hot celebrity dad card will remind them that you’re thankful for their steadfast presence in your life — and that The Rock’s biceps have, in fact, always been on-point. A dad to three daughters, those arms of steel even once cradled a crowdsurfing baby and then gushed all about the touching experience on Instagram in peak hot dad style.


A hot celebrity dad card with Paul Rudd’s face

Of all the titles Paul Rudd bears — Sexiest Man Alvie and Marvel’s Ant-Man among them — dad is definitely the hottest of all. Who among your friends wouldn’t be smitten to see Phoebe Buffay’s husband, Cher Horowitz’s ex-stepbrother, and leading funny man/hapless hot dad smiling at them from the front of a greeting card?


Jeremy Allen White on a hot celeb dad card

As sexy as he is, Carmy’s character on The Bear may not actually be an ideal father figure, should he ever (albeit fictionally) procreate. But IRL, Jeremy Allen White is a doting dad to two daughters and could still warrant a steamy “Yes, Chef” from most anyone. For that, he absolutely deserves to be on the front of a greeting card.


A hot celebrity dad card with Will Smith

A bonafide heartthrob for literal decades, Will Smith and his signature smile have made many a fan swoon. His three kids are basically celebrities in their own right, but Smith is a fierce dad and hot hubby in the best (and sometimes the worst) of ways. Gift this customizable hot celeb dad birthday card to your favorite Fresh Prince fan.


Hot cleb dad Jeff Goldblum on a card

Did your nerdy, dino-loving BFF just go through a breakup? If so, this Jeff Goldblum card might be just the pick-me-up she needs to get back in the game. The shirtless Jurassic Park star is pictured here in his prime, but at age 70, the now-silver fox is a fun-loving, and still-sexy dad to two kids.


A hot celebrity dad card featuring Eminem

For your friend who likes a hot celeb dad with an edge, this Eminem greeting card will do exactly what the rapper’s iconic lyrics say: make her palms sweaty, her knees weak, and her arms spaghetti. The hearts may lend itself to a Valentine’s Day celebration, but honestly, you can love on your friends with Lose Yourself lyrics a hot celebrity dad anytime. Dad to daughter Hailie, Eminem’s songs that mention her and his ex-wife, Kim, are controversial to say the least, but it’s been widely reported that he’s a supportive father.


Ryan Gosling on a hot celeb dad birthday card

For anyone who has loved Ryan Gosling since they first saw him sweep Rachel McAdams’ character off her feet in The Notebook, this hot celeb dad birthday card is a dream come true. Speaking of dreams come true, Gosling’s wife, Eva Mendes, keeps a photo of her smoking hot hubby right on her phone’s lock screen — because even though she’s lucky enough to be married to this hottie, she still wants to look at him as much as humanly possible. (And who could blame her?)


A hot celeb dad card with Vin Diesel

Vin Diesel puts his family first — in real life and in the movies — and there’s really nothing sexier than that. If you have a friend who’s all about hot celebrities, fast cars, and proud papas, this hot celeb dad card with Vin Diesel in all his muscular glory right on the front is a true gift.


A hot celebrity card with dad Patrick Dempsey

McDreamy played a picture-perfect parent on Grey’s Anatomy, but in his actual life, the oh-so-sexy Patrick Dempsey is a dad of three. For anyone who’s Enchanted (or wants to be thoroughly Disenchanted in the best way) by the fictional doc, this hot dad card is a steamy choice.


50 Cent on a hot celeb dad card

You can practically hear this card, can’t you? Yes, Curtis Jackson, AKA 50 Cent, is a dad and totally tops the list of hot celebrities who appear even hotter once you learn they’re a father. It’s uncertain if the rapper sang his two boys lullabies at bedtime, but he can certainly wish your favorite shawty a happy birthday with his fab physique on this card.

Gifts don’t have to be extravagant to be meaningful. When you give a friend one of these hot celebrity dad cards, you’re gifting them the potential for steamy daydreams about a guy who can change diapers and pose for the cover of a magazine. And that is a gift that keeps on giving.

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