Queen Elizabeth was celebrated by her family.
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All Of Queen Elizabeth’s Great-Grandchildren From Oldest To Youngest

Only a handful of little royals were allowed to call her “Gan-Gan.”

by Morgan Brinlee and Jen McGuire
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Queen Elizabeth’s family has been focused on her for their entire lives, but especially in the past year. The loss of her husband Prince Philip in 2021, celebrating her Platinum Jubilee in this past summer, and sadly, her death at the age of 96 years old at Balmoral Castle in early September. Now their gazes have shifted, as has the makeup of their royal family. Because not only have they lost their Queen, the monarch who has reigned for 70 years, they have also lost their mother, their granny, and in the case of Queen Elizabeth’s great-grandchildren, they have lost a Gan-Gan they knew and loved so well.

The line of succession has moved for all members of the royal family, including her 12 great-grandchildren. Now that King Charles III is the ruling sovereign, many members of the royal family also have new titles. New roles. A totally different future without the woman who held them all together. In the wake of Queen Elizabeth’s death, here’s how things have changed for the royal great-grandchildren.

Savannah Phillips, 12 years old

Savannah Phillips has a big personality.Mark Cuthbert/UK Press/Getty Images

At 12 years old, Savannah Phillips is the oldest of Queen Elizabeth’s great-grandchildren. She was born a few days after Christmas in 2010 to Peter Phillips, Princess Anne’s son and the queen’s eldest grandchild, and his wife Autumn. While Savannah was 12th in line to the throne at the time of her birth, according to Town & Country, the arrival of additional great-grandchildren and the death of Queen Elizabeth have moved her down to being 18th in the line of succession.

Isla Phillips, 10 years old

Isla Phillips is getting bigger.Max Mumby/Indigo/Getty Images Entertainment/Getty Images

Born in March 2012 to Peter and Autumn Phillips, 10-year-old Isla Phillips follows her older sister Savannah to be 19th in line to the British throne. She and Savannah both served as bridesmaids at Princess Eugenie’s 2018 wedding to Jack Brooksbank.

Prince George, 9 years old

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As the eldest child of Prince William and Kate Middleton, 9-year-old Prince George is now second in line to the British throne. He falls just behind his father in the line of succession and may very well become Britain’s king one day, and proudly stood in a place of honor beside his Gan-Gan on the balcony of Buckingham Palace. He is also now fashioned Prince George of Wales as his parents became Prince and Princess of Wales after Queen Elizabeth’s death.

Mia Tindall, 7 years old

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Born in 2014 to former rugby player Mike Tindall and Olympic equestrian Zara Tindall, who is the daughter of Princess Anne and Captain Mark Phillips, 7-year-old Mia follows her mother to be 21st in line to the throne. In 2016, she captured the Internet’s heart when she proudly held her Gan-Gan’s purse in Queen Elizabeth’s 90th birthday portrait. She also looked like she was having a blast at the Platinum Jubilee.

Princess Charlotte, 7 years old


Princess Charlotte, the only daughter of Prince William and Kate Middleton, was born on May 2, 2015 and trails behind her older brother as third in line to the British throne. She is also now styled Princess Charlotte of Wales because of her parents’ new titles. Over the years, Princess Charlotte’s sassy personality has endeared her to fans of the royal family but don’t worry, the 7-year-old princess kept her brothers in line during a recent royal outing. Especially when little brother Prince Louis wouldn’t stop waving.

Prince Louis, 4 years old

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Although just 4 years old, Prince William and Kate Middleton’s youngest child Prince Louis, now Prince Louis of Wales, is fourth in line to the throne. Despite his royal title and ties, Royal watchers saw evidence of Prince Louis’ charming personality at the Platinum Jubilee, but he also has a sweet, sensitive side. Kate Middleton told royal grievers that her youngest comforted her after Queen Elizabeth’s death, saying “Mummy don’t worry, because she is now with great-grandpa.”

Lena Tindall, 4 years old

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At nearly 4 years old, Lena Tindall follows her older sister Mia in the line of succession, making her the 22nd person in line to the throne. She was born to Mike and Zara Tindall in June 2018.

Archie Harrison Mountbatten-Windsor, 3 years old

Prince Harry and Meghan Markle welcomed their first child together on May 6, 2019. Now 3 years old, Archie was not given a royal title at birth. Despite his lack of title, the toddler remains sixth in line to the British throne, and could well be receiving the royal title of Prince Archie now that his grandfather has become King.

August Philip Hawke Brooksbank, 1 year old

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Princess Eugenie welcomed her first child with husband Jack Brooksbank in February of 2021. Now 1 year old, August follows his mother in the line of succession as the 12th person in line to the throne and made his debut at the Platinum Jubilee, wearing a Union Jack sweater and everything.

Lucas Tindall, 1 year old

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Zara and Mike Tindall expanded their family in March 2021 with the birth of their third child Lucas. Now the 1-year-old is 23rd in line to the throne following his two older sisters.

Lilibet Mountbatten-Windsor, 1 year old

When Prince Harry and Meghan Markle welcomed their second child last June, she was named Lilibet “Lili” Diana after her great-grandmother and late grandmother Princess Diana. Seventh in line for the throne, Lilibet was fortunate enough to meet her great-grandmother before she died, a moment that her dad Prince Harry mentioned in his lovely tribute to his grandmother. Much like her older brother Archie, Lilibet could well become a princess now that her grandfather is King.

Sienna Mapelli Mozzi, under 1 year old

The true baby of the royal family, Princess Beatrice’s daughter Sienna Mapelli Mozzi has yet to make a public appearance as she is still under a year old. Perhaps it will happen when she turns one, or perhaps not. We can only wait with baited breath. Sienna is now 10th in line to the throne.

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